Child Abuse on the rise. Sickening stories and what the Professionals say.

The World still turns Chronicles

I love children. Absolutely adore these little innocent souls. Yeah, you get a little naughty one but there are ways of dealing with children. I dont have any of my own but I have lots of nieces, nephews and Godkids. I am firmly against corporal punishment. I find creative ways or use a little psychology on them to get what I want! And it works! My nieces will tell you I’m the best Aunt ever. In fact my 3 year old niece who is in Cape Town threw me a party on the 3rd of June. Present and all. So incredibly cute. I can never, ever imagine hurting a child but in my “The World still turns Chronicles” I’m highlighting that while we are so focused on Covid, I’ve seen alot of stories about child abuse have been in the news.

I want this to be a reality check. Children are being abused even more during Covid. Children are at increased risk. Imagine being locked up with your abuser?? It’s still lockdown in South Africa and I shudder to think what’s happening. I’ve put together a selection of stories to remind us what is happening outside of Covid panic, as well as what the professionals have to say about what is happening. So let’s start with a South African Story first.

Missing 6-year-old girl’s body found in KZN sugarcane field, woman arrested : “Alexia, 6, was reported missing this week, and a frantic search ended on Tuesday when her body was found in a sugarcane field.” I was horrified by this little girl gone missing but something didn’t feel right about this abduction. Eventually the truth comes out, her mother killed her!

A man caught suffocating and beating his 18-month-old stepson to the verge of death in more than 100 videos documenting the abuse has been sentenced to 64 years in prison.

“Other videos, which amounted to 11 hours of abuse, showed Keller hitting, kicking and tackling the child, dragging him by his hair and dangling him upside down by one leg, the court documents revealed.” What the actual hell. He abused an 18 month old. That is a baby! 11 hours worth of abuse filmed? How much did this poor innocent child endure. I can’t even let my mind go there. So if all this abuse was happening, why did the mother not take action? No way she didn’t know!

Man accused in death of girl, 4, who spilled juice on Xbox “Prosecutors say they’ll seek a life sentence for a suburban Chicago man accused of beating a 4-year-old girl to death after she spilled juice on an Xbox video console.” I bloody hope so! How sick are you to beat a child TO DEATH over spilling juice on your gaming console. What kind of savages walk amongst us!!??

Three children and 245 animals found in ‘deplorable living conditions’ with rotting food, dead rodents and faeces. ” They will be charged with three counts of child abuse and 66 counts of animal cruelty after police discovered the children — ages 8, 9 and 10 — living among hundreds of animals, as well as rotting food, animal urine and faeces, and a dead guinea pig in a cage.” Note that the police were called to this home FIVE TIMES. How did they not see the filth and neglect? These children should have been saved ages ago but with people under lockdown it’s easier for them to get away with whatever they want in their home… including 245 animals.

Nursery worker arrested over multiple child sex abuse allegations as police contact 100 families : “A childcare worker has been arrested over allegations that children were sexually abused at a nursery in Devon.” My God. It’s even happening in daycare. It’s not new but imagine, the police have to contact 100 families and those kids have to be assessed. There are already confirmed cases. The depravity. Clearly a predator who went to work at a daycare to have access to kids. I can’t with this. Mass abuse.

Mother of toddler found dead in dumpster lost custody of 6 older children : “She lost custody of six older children several years ago over allegations and neglect, Waco lawyer Gerald Villarrial confirmed Friday. “She not only lost custody, her parental rights were terminated, and that’s because the main part of that was neglect and drug abuse. She was doing drugs during that time and couldn’t stop,” he said Friday. “She said that Frankie was dead in a dumpster somewhere around 27th (and) Park Lake,” How detatched was she? “Somewhere in a dumpster”. Wow. Also how the hell did she have ANY children with her when she lost custody of SIX… SIX children! I say this tragedy could have been avoided.

Woman who confessed to killing her 9-year-old son pushed him into a canal in Florida, affidavit says. : “Ripley was arrested and charged with with first-degree murder and first-degree premeditated attempted murder, according to the affidavit.” You use police resources when you know you cold bloodedly killed your child. You just pushed him into a canal. Easy peasy. Yes, until you get court you evil wench.

Now let’s get to the professionals and a case directly linked to Covid and Child Abuse. Family dynamics are being altered. You can read about it in the articles I posted below. It looks at the reasons and provides alot of information and insights to this this topic. So here we have our first direct problem (I’m posting) of how Covid is affecting the level of abuse as well as how we have to adapt and try and help.

‘School closures factor in rape of Ethiopian girls during Covid-19 lockdown’ :

When the hell did you think you would see an article like this?? Never in my wildest dreams. Is this our new normal? It can’t be. We all want to adapt to our new normal but there are people out their who face daily challenges and their new normal is terrifying. My heart breaks.

The potential impact of the COVID-19 on child abuse and neglect: The role of childcare and unemployment. :

The Worst Situation Imaginable for Family Violence. All over the United States, adults and children have been quarantined for weeks with people who hurt them. :

From USA TODAY: As hospitals see more severe child abuse injuries during coronavirus, ‘the worst is yet to come’ Advocates and pediatricians who specialize in child abuse say they are seeing an increase in the number of abused children being hospitalised.

Don’t turn a blind eye. If you see something, SAY something! Let’s get together to try and minimise child abuse that seems to be reaching pandemic levels as well.

Stay Safe!


31 thoughts on “Child Abuse on the rise. Sickening stories and what the Professionals say.

    1. I’m glad 😀 although it’s an awful topic … I had to highlight that the world still turns and evil things still happen. Covid has given predators free reign in some cases.
      I really wish I could gather all the kiddos together and love them and keep them safe.
      I’m such a softie for kids. Love em. Cant have my own but hey I have lots of nieces, nephews and God kids and I am adored by them. I cant ask for more.


      1. This is my first time talking to a south African
        I’m so excited
        Nice to know you Tracey


      2. 😂 lol so sweet.
        Nice to know you too Aurora. Ok so what is your opinion of South Africans based on what you’ve heard. These are other people’s experiences so I just wonder like what opinion you have. I like asking people from other countries this! 😉


      3. Hmmm,I do like other African countries except Nigeria. I wasn’t actually pleased with the xenophobic attacks then ,I would really love to come to southafrica one day .I can’t judge other people based on their countries mess,every one has different belief and values .Its like you judging me because of the things you have heard about Nigerians. One more thing I love the way you guys style your virgin hair
        You ladies have mad shape ,sometimes I wonder if its the food or its natural.


      4. I hate Xenophobia! It happens with certain groups of people. These countries took us in when we were in exile. Yes, there are a few bad ones but that’s the same in every country!
        There are alot of us who are actively anti-xenophobia. As a country we stand up against it. It’s a pity we have some ignorant fools.
        Thank you! I get often get asked that when I cut my hair I must hand it over to my friend. It’s long. It needs a trim but lockdown🥺


  1. Thank you for sharing this post…
    A lot of such things happens behind the curtain… N not many are comfortable discussing them in public forums.
    Keep blogging. 👍🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’ve started researching for my “The world still turns chronicles”. Things are still happening but the world is tilting. Such crazy stuff happening. We need to almost define a new normal as we go through this.
      We need to highlight the OTHER problems because some of this stuff is getting completely out of hand.
      You can be sure I will be blogging about it. I will talk about things that others may be quiet about.
      Just my nature. Warrior woman after all 😂😉


      1. Only an anti-thesis carries the potency to bring out a new normal/synthesis from a status quoist thesis…
        I wish you all the very best in this journey. 🤗❤️👍

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