Part 2: The neck procedure

We left off the last blog with me being in minor pain which was ok.

Dr Frolich came to see me to discharge me and asked me if I could feel the effects already.

Umm no?  We clock it down to me needing more time.  This was Thursday.  She said that by Monday when my follow up was for I’d be feeling the effects and should be pain free.

She also explained

I came home and took some pain meds to relieve the increasing pain.  The anaesthetic was wearing off.  My neck was going into spasm.

The next day I woke up in the most excruciating pain. What the hell is this?  So I proceed to start taking meds.  I have some good stuff at home that should kill the pain.  I start with the milder meds.  No relief.  The pain is increasing and I’m becoming frantic. I haul out the big guns and try to go and sleep.  I nap for a short while but the pain wakes me up.  I concede. This requires an ER intervention.  So Irfaan and I go off the ER.  Remember the Cheers song “where everybody knows your name”. That’s pretty much like the ER.

They can see I’m visibly distressed and take me through.  I lay on the bed, holding my head.  The pressure feels so bad I swear my eyeballs are going to explode out of my head.  I lay there holding my head and just rocking back and forth in tears.

The ER doctor was amazing.  He gives me a massive dose of morphine and a super strength muscle relaxant to get me stabilised.  As per normal because I have Lupus they request a full blood work up. 

Lancet lady comes around.  She tries her damndest but can’t find a vein that is able to give her enough blood for 6 vials.  This has become a recent problem.  She breaks it to me.  “I’m going to have to use your arterial nerve”.  Sorry? Say what now?  You mean the vein people slash when they try to commit suicide?  Yes.  She apologises profusely and says “This is going to hurt.  Really hurt, but we will be able to get the blood quickly from that vein.”  I give her the ok.  I mean how sore can it be?  VERY SORE. VERY VERY SORE.  3 days later I still felt the pain but hey they got the blood.

I must admit that I was in La La Land for most of this because of all the good meds.

They send me in for a brain scan.  What an exciting Friday night.  At least it comes back all ok.  The doctor gives me a fentanyl patch.  I didn’t even know we had this in SA.  I think it’s stronger than morphine even.  It lasts for 3 days which will last until I see Professor Frolich on Monday.

After 5 hours in the ER I go home and spend the weekend resting.  Man that Fentanyl patch is gooood!

On Monday I see Professor Frolich but by this time the pain patch has worn off and I’m in such pain and spasm just going to the appointment is hard.  She is horrified.  By this time the procedure should have taken.  I sit there with tears in my eyes.  Nothing is just that simple for me. It’s so frustrating. Why can’t I just be normal??? Just for once dammit. She decides that because my pain levels are so extreme that I would be on Morphine patches for 4 weeks and then come back and revue case.

I did have one mishap.  I decided to change my patches a day later to see if the pain was subsiding.  Felt the pain in the morning and took some strong meds.  They didn’t help and Irfaan came along and put on fresh morphine patches.  A few hours later I was literally like a baby giraffe that drank mampoer!  Falling around.  Walking straight into walls.  Irfaan told me to sit my arse down and that’s where I stayed.

So for now I am on Morphine patches which last 7 days.  I still have to supplement it with muscle relaxants.  If there is any pain I go into the worst spasm ever.

My rheumatologist once said to Irfaan after examining me “I guess that when you massage her neck you have to use your elbow” Spot on Prof!  There are times where he has massaged so hard that my skin was bruised and peeled away.  It was at my insistence.  I beg and plead even though he thinks it’s a bad idea.

I will do an update to this story when I meet with Dr Frolich again.

Come back for my neck post that explains in layman’s terms what Lupus and Fibromyalgia are!

I really value your comments.  The past posts comments’ really touched my heart.   Thank you to everyone who left a comment.

For those who couldn’t, I’ve changed to this platform so that you can easily leave comments and questions.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Cheesecake


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