The importance of mental health

I’ve always believed in the field of psychiatry. Reading about about how people who were mentally ill were treated through the ages was always incredibly sad. How they were believed to be possessed by demons because there was no other way to explain their behaviour at that time. How they were subjected to gruesome procedures…… Continue reading The importance of mental health

The evolution of Tracey

The post hospital shake up My hospital stint was a real shake up in my life. Being taken out of normal every day life and facing a serious battle was life changing. As much as it was horrid to be in hospital, I think in hindsight it was needed. It was the universe giving me…… Continue reading The evolution of Tracey

What the hell Wish Wednesdays!

My weekly roundup of some strange, whacky and just plain bizarre items found on Wish! Let’s start with something useful I found… A posture correcter. I would actually buy this. The theme for this week is dental mental! Keep them in your pocket for unfortunate events. Dentist for what? Right? Totally legit right? Why go…… Continue reading What the hell Wish Wednesdays!

Looking Back

Part 1 Looking at how this experience impacted me. Sick swag The current status quos is that I am slowly recovering. I am still feeling rather fragile. I’m in extreme pain with my fibromyalgia and finding it hard to get some reprieve even though I am on schedule 7 painkillers. Whenever people ask me how…… Continue reading Looking Back

One goes down and another goes up…

So we got my lupus activity down which is so great! Really happy about this. Unfortunately, spending 9 days in a hospital bed has made my fibromyalgia flare up badly. Even though I had physiotherapy in hospital every day it was not enough to keep this pain demon at bay. Fibromyalgia is the disease that…… Continue reading One goes down and another goes up…