I was singing and dancing… Wait. What?

I found myself singing in the kitchen. Loudly. Don’t worry no neighbours were hurt during the singing! Some of you might think "Yup that’s Tracey for you" but the reality is that I lost the ability to find pleasure in music. My Fibromyalgia does not like loud noise. I would often have to tell Irfaan … Continue reading I was singing and dancing… Wait. What?

The Ketamine Chronicles Part 2

I know. It's been FAR too long but I'm back to tell the ongoing story of my intensive treatment week that included Ketamine. I hope I address some of your questions, if not please pop me a message. I want to start by saying that Ketamine has been an amazing experience for me. However, different … Continue reading The Ketamine Chronicles Part 2

The Ketamine Chronicles

Part 1: Why ketamine As you know I have been seeing a new pain specialist. Dr Raath is in another city, an hour away from me but well worth it. In my 16 year battle against chronic pain I have yet to meet a Doctor who understands chronic pain and Fibromyalgia as he does. He … Continue reading The Ketamine Chronicles

The battle rages on

It's been a while. I had to go off the grid and really focus on my healing. I needed to put my all into it. I was kind of forced into being off the grid because after the surgery on my neck I physically could not use my phone or laptop for even a short … Continue reading The battle rages on

A quick update: They’re going to shave my head? OMG!

Long story short, I am going into hospital on Monday to have surgery done on my neck to release my occipital nerves. I suffer from extreme, debilitating occipital neuralgia. It originates where your skull meets your neck. It gets so incredibly tight and causes all the muscles to spasm. Hell, even your scalp hurts. Literally. … Continue reading A quick update: They’re going to shave my head? OMG!

Was it all worth it? We find out tomorrow!

It's summertime in Johannesburg and we have been having some really hot days. The kind where if you are wearing make-up it will just end up in a puddle at your feet. The humidity has me on full Diana Ross level. I was stuck inside in this heat on my sickbed. Whoa, between the heat and humidity? It … Continue reading Was it all worth it? We find out tomorrow!

The Road to Recovery

"What the hell did I get myself into?". These words played in my head many times during the weeks after I had gone under the knife. I was advised that the staples would have to come out on the 5th of November. 25 days. I obviously did research on staple care. For complicated incisions, like … Continue reading The Road to Recovery


Warning! If medical visuals make you squeamish please be aware that there are medical pics contained in this post. It was a cold, stormy night... okay no it wasn't but it was really early, dark out and very cold! I had set my alarm because I needed to be at the hospital early in the … Continue reading WTH? I DID NOT ANTICIPATE THIS POST OP NIGHTMARE!

Weekly Catch up!

Head over to YouTube to watch my round up of my week! Catch my vlog here! Thank you for supporting me. I'm not going to stop blogging completely but due to health reasons, as you will hear in the video, I have to go the vlog route more often. If you're not... Please follow me … Continue reading Weekly Catch up!