It caught me. It finally caught me!

I ran, hid, ducked and dived from Covid for more than two years. I successfully ensured that the Covid monster didn’t get me… and then I tripped and fell and Rona got me! Hubby takes responsibility for it. He was sick first. He is never sick where he is completely run down. He was willing … Continue reading It caught me. It finally caught me!

The battle rages on

It's been a while. I had to go off the grid and really focus on my healing. I needed to put my all into it. I was kind of forced into being off the grid because after the surgery on my neck I physically could not use my phone or laptop for even a short … Continue reading The battle rages on


Warning! If medical visuals make you squeamish please be aware that there are medical pics contained in this post. It was a cold, stormy night... okay no it wasn't but it was really early, dark out and very cold! I had set my alarm because I needed to be at the hospital early in the … Continue reading WTH? I DID NOT ANTICIPATE THIS POST OP NIGHTMARE!

My Scraps ‘n Spices Garden! Must see!

Look what I grew from just using kitchen scraps and raiding my spice rack! This is one of the ways you can do your bit for your environment and have the bonus of growing your own produce! This is the reveal from my first attempt at my little patch. It did so well that I … Continue reading My Scraps ‘n Spices Garden! Must see!

Weekly Catch up!

Head over to YouTube to watch my round up of my week! Catch my vlog here! Thank you for supporting me. I'm not going to stop blogging completely but due to health reasons, as you will hear in the video, I have to go the vlog route more often. If you're not... Please follow me … Continue reading Weekly Catch up!