My Scraps ‘n Spices Garden! Must see!

Look what I grew from just using kitchen scraps and raiding my spice rack!

This is one of the ways you can do your bit for your environment and have the bonus of growing your own produce!

This is the reveal from my first attempt at my little patch. It did so well that I graduated to using seedlings!

Catch my upcoming video on how I’ve been germinating these seeds along with how I created my very own hot house from items around the home!

I hope this inspires you! I’ll show you how you easy it is to grow the things showcased in my little patch. Don’t have outside space? This is perfect for you. I can only tend small patches because of my chronic illnesses and chronic pain.

The best part about this is that it is really cathartic… It’s been great for my mental health during this insane time!

Check out my Scraps ‘n Spices garden patch here!

I would love your feedback, tips, tricks and hacks!

Stay Safe 😷

One Love ✌🏼


3 thoughts on “My Scraps ‘n Spices Garden! Must see!

    1. Thank you so much! Still working on getting my YouTube account together properly but if you’re on Instagram you can follow me @_mychroniclife I have been posting more videos on there about my adventures in gardening… really has become an adventure with all the trial and error 😂


  1. That’s wonderful. Would watch them on Instagram, but I don’t Instagram. You’re doing great. I’ll watch for your YouTubes. ♡


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