It caught me. It finally caught me!

I ran, hid, ducked and dived from Covid for more than two years. I successfully ensured that the Covid monster didn’t get me… and then I tripped and fell and Rona got me! Hubby takes responsibility for it. He was sick first. He is never sick where he is completely run down. He was willing … Continue reading It caught me. It finally caught me!

The Ketamine Chronicles Part 2

I know. It's been FAR too long but I'm back to tell the ongoing story of my intensive treatment week that included Ketamine. I hope I address some of your questions, if not please pop me a message. I want to start by saying that Ketamine has been an amazing experience for me. However, different … Continue reading The Ketamine Chronicles Part 2

The Ketamine Chronicles

Part 1: Why ketamine As you know I have been seeing a new pain specialist. Dr Raath is in another city, an hour away from me but well worth it. In my 16 year battle against chronic pain I have yet to meet a Doctor who understands chronic pain and Fibromyalgia as he does. He … Continue reading The Ketamine Chronicles

The Road to Recovery

"What the hell did I get myself into?". These words played in my head many times during the weeks after I had gone under the knife. I was advised that the staples would have to come out on the 5th of November. 25 days. I obviously did research on staple care. For complicated incisions, like … Continue reading The Road to Recovery


Warning! If medical visuals make you squeamish please be aware that there are medical pics contained in this post. It was a cold, stormy night... okay no it wasn't but it was really early, dark out and very cold! I had set my alarm because I needed to be at the hospital early in the … Continue reading WTH? I DID NOT ANTICIPATE THIS POST OP NIGHTMARE!