It caught me. It finally caught me!

I ran, hid, ducked and dived from Covid for more than two years. I successfully ensured that the Covid monster didn’t get me… and then I tripped and fell and Rona got me!

Hubby takes responsibility for it. He was sick first. He is never sick where he is completely run down. He was willing to take medication, which he never does. He hates meds so if he takes them, you know it’s serious.

I actually said to him, I think this is Covid. During that week I was being myself and taunting him. “Ha Ha… who’s the sick one now? How does it feel? See, my body is pumped with vitamins and unlike before I have not caught what you’ve got. Ha Ha ” You know, like that Simpsons character, Nelson who points and laughs. That is probably what I looked like.

The weekend came.. I started feeling funny. Oh hell no. Started watching the symptoms and all of a sudden BOOM full on sick! I felt so bad for taunting Irfaan! This was my Karma and I would have to take it like a big girl. I haven’t had the flu in three years because of my extreme isolation so this was a total bitch! I felt like a horse had kicked me all over. I felt so sick that my skin was crawling and it made me want to cry. Apparently I can handle invasive procedures and surgery but my body drew the line at Covid. 

Irfaan had accidently ordered the HOT Nandos chicken livers. I was eating it and I felt my gag reflex telling me that I was eating something super strong… but I couldn’t taste a damn thing. My mouth wasn’t even burning or tingling. Nada. The chicken tasted like sawdust so I just stopped eating it. That’s when I knew for sure I had Covid. I would never willingly eat Nandos hot sauce – ever. 

I wasn’t even getting sleep! I felt so sick I would get out of bed at 4am to take meds because the fevers I was running were insane. I didn’t want to lay in bed either. If I sat up and watched TV then I could try and take my mind off the symptoms. Laying in bed would mean I would just be lying there feeling every symptom. No thanks!

I said to Irfaan, if I caught the original virus or Delta my body wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I would for sure be hospitalised but I feel I probably would not have made it if I had caught the really bad ones. For those of you who have survived to tell your Covid story, I take my hat off to you. This is one evil disease! I never, ever want to feel this again. I will literally take any shot you want to give. I will take them ALL! There was a clear difference. Irfaan had both his shots. I messed up being busy with sorting out my health issues that I didn’t get around to the second shot. Stupid. Irfaan recovered faster and his symptoms were not as bad. Covid vaccines aren’t meant to PREVENT you from getting the disease, it’s so that your symptoms are less severe if you do get it.

If there are any readers who have had Covid and are anti-vax I’d love you to share your story or comment on the post. It would be very interesting to me to get this viewpoint. 

I finally got to go for infusions on Friday last week. It really helped. The intense burst of vitamins cursing through my veins started working pretty quickly. I needed this. As you know I have a crazy immune system. It doesn’t function properly. Boosting my immune system is also a problem though because of my Lupus. So nothing like echinacea etc for me. I had another round of infusions on Friday and I am happy to report that the congestion, post nasal drip, malaise all gone! I’m so happy! Can’t wait for this Friday because I’m hoping to be back at full strength. How the hell did people even feel with the first strain? I actually can’t even begin to imagine….

Sadly it has undone so much of all the work I did this year. Just like that. Wiped out a lot of my progress. So many symptoms have returned. I now have to literally redo the 15 sessions because it really did help. I saw so many tangible results. But… cost factor. It’s not cheap. There is a co-payment for each session and it’s really not cheap but not overpriced like some other places hubby and I looked at.

Also winter has arrived and I have a Trinity of pain… Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis! Winter is brutal for me. The cold makes me go into complete spasm and I’m as stiff as a corpse! Winter is really bad for me so I for sure need treatment during Winter. 

I’m determined to continue this journey and get to a healthy state. For the first time in my life I actually have found something that basically stopped my occipital neuralgia. I have not had one pain flare or occipital pain since I did the intensive pain treatment week. Well guess what, it’s started rearing its ugly head since I got Covid! Go figure! This coming back is actually making me anxious. I’ve emailed my doctor about it. On Friday he increased my Ketamine dosage. It’s so damn amazing to have a doctor who is so interactive and available to his patients. The ladies at the infusion section were already instructed to change the dosage when I got there.

Whoa…the higher dose. Some of my friends love getting voice notes or messages from me in the period when the Ketamine starts kicking in and I pass out. They got really crazy ones on Friday…. and when we get together, together with my hubby they will read my messages out loud and play the voice notes. I’ve given them some great content for our next get together apparently! It’s actually hilarious. The last reading of my messages had everyone belly laughing so hey… I’m providing a service! Also my circle know I’m damn crazy so they’re not perturbed my antics because they too are whack jobs like me! Who I love!

What an experience. I always say you should at least try everything once. I did Covid. I don’t want this devil again, thanks. I’m also being told you can catch it again. What?? What fresh hell is this! I will continue to shop online. I buy my food online too. I haven’t physically gone to a store and shopped for things in months. That’s when Covid was chilling. Now it’s back and so many people I know have Covid! It’s insane. Doctors are not even bothering to test for it anymore. It’s inevitable that we are going to catch it is the consensus amongst a lot of doctors. I will say I never heard of so many people around me having flu at the same time so Covid is like the flu but apparently it’s running rampant way more than flu.

Stay safe everyone. All we can do is take precautions. Sending you all light and love and hoping you don’t catch this demonic disease. Ok it might sound dramatic but bloody hell i haven’t felt so sick for so long!

5 thoughts on “It caught me. It finally caught me!

  1. I caught Rona the first round and it hit hard! I’ve not worked since Feb 2011, and every year in July/August I was in hospital with pneumonia every year and then 2020……
    If it wasn’t for the ‘good’ stubbornness that living with Fibro and CFS has forged with a good mental and spiritual and the fact that even though I’m also basically living in isolation the absolute refusal to give in to sickness of any kind, I wouldn’t have made July 2020!
    The doc actually said I needed a ventilator and I refused so he told my family to say farewell to me, imagine……
    My regular doctor was so tired of my regular hospital trips she actually suggested I buy Monkey Shoulder whiskey and have a shot every time I feel sick and well I haven’t been to hospital since July 2020! I tried every other whiskey and it’s the only one that has had that effect on my health! 🤷🏽

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    1. Caught the Rona too! What a bitch. Having a compromised immune system made it a real battle. But I have infusions every week and that really helped with recovery. The infusions have helped with my CFS … not as tired anymore! 😳
      I too am isolated. On my hill far from the maddening crowd. I buy everything online. Food, clothes ..everything. Haven’t actually been to a store since March?
      And that’s only because we went on a family vacay. Love that you include mental and spiritual… those are so so Important! LOVE THE WHISKEY STORY! that’s hilarious…. glad it’s working
      You know us folk… we will try everything and anything 😂


  2. Tracey, thank you so much for documenting your journey, it’s refreshing knowing that there are others that also don’t take themselves too seriously and the refusal to give in to depression and anxiety despite struggling with these mental health issues!

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    1. Ahh! Haydn…. this means so much! It’s messages like this that keep me going with my blog. If it helps just 1 person… I do not take myself seriously at all 😂😂😂 really helps when you’re battling a cyclone in your body and mind


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