Hospital Day 9: Prison break!

I’m finally out! I cannot express how friggin happy I am. Everything feels weird because I’ve been away so long. Got home and if I was physically able I would have done a victory lap with my t-shirt over my head. Happy. Grateful. So many emotions.

Now the road to recovery begins. I will continue with treatment at home. New meds. Changing meds. So many things. I will discuss it in later posts when I’m stronger. Still incredibly weak and in pain. It’s all so convoluted right now. Hard to explain. My body has taken such a beating. Also being in bed for 9 days has made my fibromyalgia flare up badly.

Just to let you know that I’m out. Thank you to those who supported me. Thank you for your prayers, positive messages (even if I was unable to respond) the light and love. You have undoubtedly contributed to me being out today. Again. Thank you!

The biggest thank you goes to Irfaan. Words cannot express how amazing he is. His calm demeanour and just taking things in his stride is just what I need. We are yin and yang. A symbiotic relationship. Our love is amazing thing. A thing of beauty. Kismet.

It’s going to take some time. I need lots of rest. I need to recoup and do alot of rehabilitation. Bare with me as I go through this.

Funny how the universe works. Now I am able to give you an even better account of how Lupus affects your life. Kind of like taking one for the team. If it helps, I sure as hell don’t mind.

I found a blog I wrote while highly intoxicated. Oh Lord!!! I had a good laugh. Feels good to be laughing again! I will share it with you. I have zero shame 😂

I look forward to sharing my whole experience with you all.

One Love

3 thoughts on “Hospital Day 9: Prison break!

  1. Hey Tracey so happy yu made it I had 2major car accidents car write off and no money so trying fix myself and I got bedbugs I thought were head lice so I treated wrong was so miserable so forgive me catching up now onlu


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