Don’t blog while heavily medicated! This happened!

I found this in my drafts and had a good laugh. I have no recollection of even writing this! I have decided to post it as is. So this was what I apparently wrote before going into theatre on Monday…

Tracey’s Monday Motivation

Sitting and waiting to be taken into theatre. Nicely medicated.

I thought I’d share with you this Monday. Hey it’s Monday but unlike me you are not going to be a human skewer today! Yes. Gastroscope and colonoscopy at the same time.

Now imagine that picture. Thank God I’m going to be knocked out. Fiddling with your butt? Thats a no big no thank you from me. A big fat nope. Huh uh.

I always look for something good to focus on. In this case it’s going to be the anaesthetic. Those few seconds of falling onto the fluffy, candy floss clouds I’m sinking into until eventually… nothing. Absolutely nothing. My brain and all my senses are given a break. Into the nothingness that I love and then waking up happy and babbling utter nonsense to the nurses all the while drooling. I just went on a brain holiday.

Find your anasthetic. What do you want? Peace and quiet or do you want a session of hysterical laughter with your friends? It might just be a really good cup of coffee. Find the thing that gives you peace… even for just a little day. We all deserve our piece of peace.

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