What the hell Wish Wednesdays!

My weekly roundup of some strange, whacky and just plain bizarre items found on Wish!

Let’s start with something useful I found…

A posture correcter. I would actually buy this.

The theme for this week is dental mental!

Keep them in your pocket for unfortunate events. Dentist for what? Right?
Totally legit right? Why go for expensive teeth whitening when you can use tipex?
So cheap. You can have them in every finish! Now you too can be cool!
Sorry what? Dental supplies on Wish?
OH HELL NO! Are our dentists buying drills from Wish? This is scary
Look at the price drop! Why?? The next time I visit the dentist I will be asking if he has the Wish app. The next time you are in a dentist chair pray that he isn’t a cheapskate that bought his tools from Wish!

Dentists buying supplies off wish… I will leave you with that thought …

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