Bizarre Fruit I found in China! Red Bananas, what??

I stumbled a upon a Wish ad for Succulents. I eagerly opened it because it might be a great idea to start a little succulent garden! Things went sideways. I went down a rabbit hole of magical fruit, flowers, veg and trees! Yes, on... Wish of course. It was like things I had read about … Continue reading Bizarre Fruit I found in China! Red Bananas, what??

Hyperbaric Chamber (Oxygen Tank) review

I'm here to be a guinea pig. We are desperate for relief and will try anything. If you've tried something new let me know so I can feature it here for all us chronic folk. So I've seen these hyperbaric chambers before. Basically oxygen therapy chambers and found them very intriguing. Where I went wrong … Continue reading Hyperbaric Chamber (Oxygen Tank) review

Labelled Disabled. The Struggle.

More than 18 months ago I went on to temporary disability. The hope was that during that time I would get better enough to resume employment. I worked hard at it. I even tried following the crazy regimen of medication the one specialist had me on. I tried. During this time I would see an … Continue reading Labelled Disabled. The Struggle.

What the hell Wish Wednesdays!

My weekly roundup of some strange, whacky and just plain bizarre items found on Wish! Let's start with something useful I found... A posture correcter. I would actually buy this. The theme for this week is dental mental! Keep them in your pocket for unfortunate events. Dentist for what? Right? Totally legit right? Why go … Continue reading What the hell Wish Wednesdays!