Hyperbaric Chamber (Oxygen Tank) review

I’m here to be a guinea pig. We are desperate for relief and will try anything. If you’ve tried something new let me know so I can feature it here for all us chronic folk.

So I’ve seen these hyperbaric chambers before. Basically oxygen therapy chambers and found them very intriguing.

Where I went wrong was I didn’t do enough research. I saw that a Spa was having a crazy special and I thought hey I’m going! This is my chance to finally get to try this! I imagined that it was too expensive and out of reach. Like alot of my readers I suffer with so many symptoms and unending pain and fatigue this might just be the answer! I did a quick search and found this:

Looks Promising!

Exciting stuff! So off I went. It looked like something out of the 80s movie cocoon. Funnily enough the cocoon kept them from aging or dying. This for sure looked like a weird cocoon. I later found out during post-research that the cocoon that they use is not a great system in terms of safety!

The system was explained to me and I climbed in. An oxygen mask was placed over my face and hooked up to some tank. If you’re claustrophobic this is not for you. It was an hour session and at times I fell asleep. I would wake up in a panic ready to press the warning button but calmed myself down. It happened about thrice. Eventually the hour was up and the pressure started going down. During the session your ears tend to close like on a flight so you have to do the chewing motion to relieve it.

I climbed out not feeling better or worse. I didn’t feel like it magically helped me. I realised that I would probably have to come for a few sessions to see some real effects. I went home and I must say I felt a bit energized. Not “I’m going to clean the whole house” energized just “I can get get around a little bit more” energized. I again reminded myself that it’s because I need more sessions.

Then I decided to read up on it some more. Now normally I would do all the reading and researching before attempting the treatment. In this case I had decided to forego that process because I had heard all these wonderful things. Well… Remember the saying “Don’t believe everything you hear”? Was I in for a shock.

Yes it works. It works for very specific illnesses, healing burns, gangrene, compression illness but the things that were being advertised were not actually medically proven! Apparently there were lots of articles disputing the benefits these spas etc were touting! I was ready to buy another 5 sessions because they were on special. Life happened and I didn’t book it yet but planned to when I got a chance.

I started doing this post and HOLY MOSES! I saw some articles debunking what the spas were offering! I was horrified as I read through the information telling me that this was not going to help my fibromyalgia! Are you kidding me?

I was the dumbass who went by all the marketing and didn’t delve further. So unlike me! I love playing devils advocate and going deep into both sides and this time. I didn’t. Long story short I don’t think I will be going back to try and help with pain management.

Moral of the story? Do your research!Here is a link to an article debunking the claims : https://www.groundup.org.za/article/quack-claims-about-oxygen-treatment-are-dangerous/


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