Hospital: Part 1

So I was admitted as an emergency case yesterday. During the tests I found out that it was because the specialist believed that I had an aneurysm. At this point, through the tests done it seems that it's not the case. Awesome news. Now begs the question "what the hell is wrong with me?" This … Continue reading Hospital: Part 1

Admit her. Urgent admission.

So as you know from my previous blog posts I've been suffering from extreme abdominal symptoms. The scariest being that my stomach is swollen so badly I look 9 months pregnant. I feel like its actually going to burst open and a baby rhino will come bouncing out! Today I got to see the specialist! … Continue reading Admit her. Urgent admission.

Amanda Todd : killed by the internet

This is the story of Amanda Todd who was cyber bullied. It is not an isolated story and that's the problem. In the age of technology people can hide behind keyboards and become the most disgusting "people" and say the most disgusting things. These cowards hide behind keywords with fake names. There is no accountability. … Continue reading Amanda Todd : killed by the internet

Here we go again… ugh!!

So I have been suffering with another bout of the same gastric issue I had last month. At that time my rheumatologist gave me a referral for the nurses to call the Professor in Gastroenterology (stomach issues) when I went in for my neck procedure. I felt fine and decided to forego calling him. A … Continue reading Here we go again… ugh!!

How I was diagnosed with Lupus

Greetings! I had felt unwell for a while.  I knew something was wrong, I just did not know what it was or where to start. I ran fevers a lot and at some point I just thought it was allergies or something. My husband and I did however say that I needed to go and … Continue reading How I was diagnosed with Lupus