Don’t blog while heavily medicated! This happened!

I found this in my drafts and had a good laugh. I have no recollection of even writing this! I have decided to post it as is. So this was what I apparently wrote before going into theatre on Monday… Tracey’s Monday Motivation Sitting and waiting to be taken into theatre. Nicely medicated. I thought…… Continue reading Don’t blog while heavily medicated! This happened!

Hospital Day 9: Prison break!

I’m finally out! I cannot express how friggin happy I am. Everything feels weird because I’ve been away so long. Got home and if I was physically able I would have done a victory lap with my t-shirt over my head. Happy. Grateful. So many emotions. Now the road to recovery begins. I will continue…… Continue reading Hospital Day 9: Prison break!

Admit her. Urgent admission.

So as you know from my previous blog posts I’ve been suffering from extreme abdominal symptoms. The scariest being that my stomach is swollen so badly I look 9 months pregnant. I feel like its actually going to burst open and a baby rhino will come bouncing out! Today I got to see the specialist!…… Continue reading Admit her. Urgent admission.

Amanda Todd : killed by the internet

This is the story of Amanda Todd who was cyber bullied. It is not an isolated story and that’s the problem. In the age of technology people can hide behind keyboards and become the most disgusting “people” and say the most disgusting things. These cowards hide behind keywords with fake names. There is no accountability.…… Continue reading Amanda Todd : killed by the internet