Here we go again… ugh!!

So I have been suffering with another bout of the same gastric issue I had last month. At that time my rheumatologist gave me a referral for the nurses to call the Professor in Gastroenterology (stomach issues) when I went in for my neck procedure. I felt fine and decided to forego calling him.

A month later and here I am with the same problem! I can’t eat. I always feel full. I have extreme nausea and stomach cramps. Worst of all my stomach is so distended I look like I’m going to give birth to a baby rhino! Nothing shocks Irfaan anymore but this did! He literally screamed in horror “what is that??” Its our baby rhino honey! Duh. He wanted to go to ER and I said hell no. I wanted to see the doc my rheumatologist referred me to at Donald Gordon. I didn’t want to go to Milpark.

So today when my rheumatologist saw that I wanted the referral again he asked me to come in immediately. Bare in mind that he is an awesome Prof and it can take weeks or even months to get an appointment with him. I’m one of his MVPs (most valued patients 😂). So I went immediately.

Although I try and hide it you can see I look preggo. I explain my symptoms to him and he seems concerned. He then examines me. Oh God. Oh God. Pressing all over my abdomen. “Is this sore? Is this sore?” Duuude can we just establish that its ALL SORE! Stop bloody pressing its sore dammit! Next he checks my shins. I’ve been experiencing pain like shin splints and come now.. we all know I don’t run. The fastest I go is a brisk walk. Its not inflamed so he says it must be the bone and he is going to run a blood test for it.

I sit up properly. Out of nowhere my body is on fire! Arms, legs, abdomen, even my damn face!! I feel like someone has injected me with gasoline. I’m red. I don’t mince my words as now I’m ready to start jumping around like a crazy woman.

Maybe set off the smoke detectors and get cooled down that way. “What is going on??? Why am I on fire!!??” I ask with my face twisted in pain. He says its because he had irritated that area by pressing it. Oh Lord. Is this what hell is going to feel like? I’m sitting there holding my abdomen with my face all contorted. He turns to Irfaan. The calm one 😂

Over the 4 years we have been with him we have developed a great relationship. He is quiet and soft spoken but cannot hold back his laughter at the banter Irfaan and I have. He knows I’m the crazy one and Irfaan is the calm, rational one so he really ends up calling Irfaan with results or ways forward etc.

Anyway back to the issue at hand. He consults at 2 hospitals. He decides that for my case he needs a special specialist to see me. He contacts the Professor in Gastroenterology but leaves a message because he is in theatre for the day.

He is now going to call Irfaan with details on me seeing this Professor and getting booked in for tests. He is also arranging for the cardio to see me while Im in hospital. Again. A specialist cardiologist who deals with cardio patients with my symptoms. Blackouts etc. So now it’s a matter of co-coordinating everything.

So grateful for my rheumatologist. He is not messing around. He is not referring me to just any doctor. He is hauling out the big guns so that I get thoroughly tested. He is taking no chances. This is why Irfaan and I appreciate him so much.

Not many doctors are so in touch with their patients anymore. It’s just a job for them . So many doctors and even anaesthetists have said “oh Professor Solomon? Yes he is really good!”. He has an amazing reputation with his patients and peers and yet remains humble. The fact that gives me the level of care he does and even checks with Irfaan about my mental wellbeing speaks volumes. We really need more doctors like him. I consider myself blessed.

So yes, bringing out the big guns. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. I will keep you updated. Luckily I don’t feel like I’m on fire anymore but I need a good nap. I’m exhausted. My body is like whoa! Gimme a damn break! Sleeping is an important part of rejuvenation. So let me rather say I’m gonna go rejuvenate! Look for updates as the week progresses!

Ciao Bellas!

10 thoughts on “Here we go again… ugh!!

  1. makes me bothj sad reading this …but also glad you have this kindness in your life your husband and drs……i went without that 12 years of chronic pain ……the alonessness too………you know the other day i was sitting mediutating on the eaerth (i go anywhere is can be in nature recetly fom we park to mouintain to sea anywhere and it struck me ………when there is winterand al the leaves wither and so on we dont al stand uop and cry omg whats WRONG with the earth , the leaves are falling 0ff and withering !!>..we accpet it but when there is pain and sadness in human lives noo people avoid as much as possible and were conf ditioned to perfection ,,,,,,,,,,if we treated pain suffering more like winter a fact of life ..thenh lupus and chronic pain would get more research and not be “some weird thign Out there..just a thought glad you getting a nap..i sopose in end we can only live one day at a time mike


    1. Had me in stitches about giving birth o Rhino 🤣🤣🤣, Glad that u can see the upside to ur condition and that u choose to empower ur audience with ur day to day dealings. Keep on keeping and keep up with ur mad blogs 😉


      1. You know how we roll “keep pressing on”. One of the best attributes I’ve been taught..then just add the family crazy gene😂


    2. Wow. Blown away by this. I’m really going to medidate on this. Such beautiful word and yet borne out of some sad experiences. It is shit and I am incredibly blessed. 1 day at a time is the way forward. For me its the only way but hey gotta make it work


  2. So glad you are getting the best care.. Let’s birth this ryno 😂.. All the best with the next few days ahead 🙏 ♥


  3. You blessed to have an incredible medical team and a loving supportive husband. Can your body just give you a break and stop being so rebellious! Hope this too will be sorted


  4. Aaahhh yes, the damn gut! A frenemy of mine. Did you know that 75% of serotonin is created in the gut. Serotonin is that feel good neural chemical (psychology), I often wondered why I was this crazy bouncing ball of madness. And oh my word, nausea, hectic side effect of the pooling of serotonin. Retrospectively makes heaps of sense why I can never finish a meal and not feel ill.
    This got me thinking about your gut, your nausea (not the baby rhino though) so dunno how savvy docs are in SA but something deffo worth checking is your gut bacteria, because an imbalance there, can have catastrophic consequences. Trust me on this, as have suffered with my gut my entire life.
    And then, a thought flashed through my mind, wouldn’t it just awesome if there were a little Trayfan in the works. For that I’d fly to SA in a heartbeat.
    Keep us posted….. and for the record, next time you don’t listen to your instinct, and instead delay checkups, I’ll bliksem you myself.
    Love you hun!


    1. We noticed that one of the specialists he wants me to see is related to liver diseases. So now I’m like oh shit. Lupus and liver are not friends because of the meds. So many things. I walked out of his office thinking about the gut issue you had yesterday. Got meds to help me out for now bcoz he said it could be blockage or something. A million thibgs!!
      Please my unicorn a massive hug from me! And one for Waz too!
      Love u guys and miss you far too much

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