Amanda Todd : killed by the internet

This is the story of Amanda Todd who was cyber bullied. It is not an isolated story and that’s the problem. In the age of technology people can hide behind keyboards and become the most disgusting “people” and say the most disgusting things. These cowards hide behind keywords with fake names. There is no accountability. What we can do is bring awareness to kids because there are too many Amanda Todd cases.

Please be in touch with your kids’ online lives. Have conversations with kids about this topic so we can arm them against these bullies and that they can be comfortable in coming to us if it happens to them. Let’s be more vigilant and call out the keyboard cowards. As adults we also encounter these trolls..

Watch Amanda’s video “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm” that she made not long before killing herself here :

You can read the full story here:

2 thoughts on “Amanda Todd : killed by the internet

  1. Thanks for sharing that video Tracey. It’s so important for parents to know what their kids get up to and what they are exposed to on the internet. While they’re still young it would be negligent of us to just let them be at the mercy of very dark, sinister world.


    1. Absolutely! I got so hopeful for her when she did that video… only for her to be bullied again and end up actually killing herself.
      I think its also important for us to impress upon our kids how much words hurt so they never take part in bullying either

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