Warning! Rant ahead!

Ok so yes, I’m having a bad day and I need to vent. Poor Irfaan has helped so much with this issue today he doesn’t deserve to listen to it.

So 2 months ago for about 3 weeks I suffered with what I thought was a stomach bug. I remember on Eid day my mother in law poking my stomach because as much as I tried I couldn’t hide how swollen my stomach was. My rheumatologist referred me to a gastroenterologist but a few days later I felt better so I ditched the appointment. Another specialist? No thank you.

About a week ago it started again. Severe nausea and cramping and bloating/swelling. Yesterday it came to a head when I got out of the shower and Irfaan, horrified, screamed “WHAT IS THAT?” Oh just the alien baby I’m going to give birth to anytime now. Yes. I’m that swollen and in so much discomfort. I pity pregnant women. Like you have to find a place to put your stomach so you can feel comfortable!

Irfaan was insisting on the ER. Probably doesn’t want my guts all over the couches since I look like I’m literally going to burst. Anyway. Monday 2.30 I will be seeing the gastroenterologist. So now its been 2 weeks of hell and counting. Let’s see what Monday holds…

This is why I say don’t ask me how I am. There’s always something.

I had the evil 4 week virus that finally cleared after the tammiflu.

3 DAYS later and I develop the stomach thing that goes on for 3 weeks. During which, all I eat is toast. Can’t stomach anything else.

I go for my neck procedure and now that that pain is easing I’m 2 weeks into a stomach thing and back to living on toast once a day. Overlapping symptoms! Yay! Marvellous!! Woo hooo. NOT

It’s so exhausting. Just think about it. It’s so hard to live a normal life with all this crap going on. Sometimes I just need to feel good…for a little while. This is why I love anaesthetic.

4 thoughts on “Warning! Rant ahead!

  1. Vitally essential rant, as it clarifies the dilemma that is living life with Lupus. It also helps others understand the realities of how knock on effects of daily struggles with Lupus can have on sufferers of this disease.
    It illustrates how the body reacts to the disease as well as the physiological and psychological consequences each flare up or triggered symptom has on an individual. Something non sufferers take for granted, is not only shared but is revealing and thus creates more awareness.

    So vent hun, and discuss it, make this your catharsis as well as awareness. Rooting for you and await your next post. Lotsa ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Oh man I love you! You’re such an amazing woman. Intelligent and great insight and sage advice always. Everyone in this world needs an Anna. They can’t have you though! You’re all mine!!! I don’t understand why I am still so shocked by the fact that you get me. I mean really get me. Love you 🍌🍌🤗🤗


  2. I’m glad u finding a way to channel ur emotion through ur blogging. Many people have chosen the path of being a victim…..not u.Keep on being the advocate that u are. look forward to ur next post (rant and rave) 😁


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