Hospital: Part 1

So I was admitted as an emergency case yesterday. During the tests I found out that it was because the specialist believed that I had an aneurysm. At this point, through the tests done it seems that it’s not the case. Awesome news. Now begs the question “what the hell is wrong with me?”

This hospital stay is different. I’m sick. Not I’m in serious pain or get your numbers in check admission. Really, really ill. Which I hardly even say. Normally I’d be counting the days to get out. After the episode I had today I am afraid to leave.

I’m writing this post because alot of you are praying for me and sending me love and light. Every lit bit is needed and appreciated. I have such a long list of extreme symptoms I can’t go through them all right now. I’ve been undergoing lots of tests since yesterday.

The vein problem… FML it’s become a real issue. I had great veins but after being diagnosed with Lupus, being poked all the time they’ve gone into hiding. I am on my 5th IV line. Since yesterday 4 lines blew. They weren’t good veins to begin with anyway. Bye Felicia!

They come and do bloods. Lots of vein searching. Cutting off my blood flow and smacking my hands. Never hit your kids on their hands. Man it is damn painful because of all the nerve endings there. She eventually gets a “pretty vein” wtf? I know.

An hour goes by and she sheepishly reappears. She is apologising profusely. Something about the blood clotting? Sorry what???? She needs 5 more vials she has 2 that she can use. For the love of all things unholy woman! I tell her to just get on with it. We’re 2 hours in. Let this be the end of the booboos.

I wanted the results so that I could see what’s going on. My rheumatologist explains my bloods in detail and I kind of know what to look out for.

The results came back. I quickly snuck the file onto my bed and took pictures of the results and put the file back. Ninja style.

The feeling of not knowing is awful. With xrays and scans the doctors access them directly on their phones now. My bloods are the only thing that give me some idea and that’s better than nothing.

I look at the results and I’m horrified. My Lupus numbers have rocketed. My kidneys, liver and alot of other results are unlike I have ever seen before. My symptoms plus the results are concerning. I will see my rheumatologist on Monday and get to discuss this with him.

My scopes are scheduled for Monday. I am also supposed to see the cardio. More tests. Oh boy. I’m so run down but as my grandfather always said in the years that he was ill “keep pressing on”. Thats exactly what I am going to do.

I’d love to continue but my body won’t allow it. There is lots to share and I can’t wait to share the stories of the crazies (dude with his invisible drums) and the emotional and physical torment I’m experiencing.

I just need to get to get to a point where I’m feeling ok. I’ll take OK for now. Fantastic would be awesome but hey…baby steps right?

Disclaimer: cannot be held liable for anything written in this post. Copious amounts of medication at play. Grammar? Spelling? Huh? Say what now?

See you on the flipside. I hope to be able to blog again soon because it really is cathartic.

One thought on “Hospital: Part 1

  1. Hello precious one!

    With you in spirit, in your corner, hugging you mentally my friend. I know you are tired, sore and emotionally drained. So won’t harp on too much today, will just say, rest up as much as you can. Reach deep into your core and muster up the flaming sword of courage and strength that is deep within. Let it out and let it engulf you so that you can ride out everything that is flung at you. Keep a corner of your mind on switched onto memorable moments and let them be a beacon to you, guiding you through this roller coaster to the warmth, love and wonderful people who are around you.
    We love you, we are here for you and when you’re ready, we will hear your journey and have insights into your experiences from your eyes.
    Much much much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️
    Angels surrounding you and protecting you.


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