What the Hell Wish Wednesdays! Who needs a plastic surgeon when you’ve got Wish!

I stumbled across these gems.. plastic surgeon for what!? No prize for guessing which product I’m buying! 😂

Nose Job for what?? So much cheaper!
Is your nose extra problematic? This might be the one for you! Looks totally legit. No pain, no gain!
Pain free nose job! Just use this oil and you will transform your nose! It’s like magic!
Want a quick face lift? Use these face stickers to pull yourself together! Literally! No stitches and recovery time. Cheap and easy. I think you should probably avoid humid places unless you use glue on the stickers. You wouldn’t want to come undone now would you?
Do you need to fix your eyes? Are they looking a little droopy? Forget expensive creams and fillers! Use the eyelid glue! Voila! Instant eyelift! How friggin great is that??
Specially designed by Hannibal Lector! Keep your face intact! Tell your man it’s some bondage thing you’re trying and he will think it’s totally sexy! Facelift for what?? Start now! Don’t delay!
MY FAVOURITE! I AM SO BUYING THIS! IT’S MAGIC! You rub this oil on your feet and just like Jack and the beanstalk you miraculously start growing! This is a well kept secret! My bones are gonna grow yo! Just watch me be tall! No more short jokes! Yassss!

5 thoughts on “What the Hell Wish Wednesdays! Who needs a plastic surgeon when you’ve got Wish!

  1. Some crazy stuff but unbelievably there are simpleton’s out there that would actually buy this rubbish.The famous brand height increasing oil medicine is a classic!


    1. I am soooo gonna buy that!!! 😂😂😂 there are some scary stuff on there that I can’t share here. That app can be very entertaining. Who even thinks of this stuff!


  2. 😂 hey fellow autoimmune disease sufferer, yeah I sure need that rhinoplasty (in my opinion) husband thinks I’m nuts… but these products did give me a good laugh today. Thank you for that.


    1. I’m glad I gave you a giggle!! Laughter helps through the crappy stuff and crappy days! I’m short so I am going to get that growth oil… in copious amounts!!! Why just use it on my feet? I am going to rub it alllllll over! My bones will be growing wildly! I hope proportionately 😂😂😂


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