How dare you!?

I’m angry. I’m disturbed. I’m frustrated. I have so many emotions going on right now. I read about another home for destitute children where it turns out these girls were being abused. At this point we don’t know the extent of it and I’m not so sure I want to know.

The picture of the little girls panties on top of wet wipes in one of the administrators drawers was so disturbing. I was shook. That picture was so jarring. I have nieces and honestly I’d happily go sit in jail if anyone tried to mess with them. In speaking to a few friends and a documentary I watched I realised we forget about little boys. They too get abused. So it’s not just our little girls we need to watch our for but also our boys. Basically, we need to keep all our children safe.

I was immersing myself in the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing during the holidays. Playing catch up, watching the Prince Andrew train wreck interview and such. In watching this it brought up a lot of videos about paedophile syndicates and how they operate. It was scary to see how children had been so easily sex trafficked. This came after my R Kelly freak out. Like really. How sick was this man? Another story I immersed myself in. I need to stop doing this because I swear these psychos will give me another stroke.

While watching these videos about these syndicates I stumbled across a video done by podcaster/vlogger Shaun Attwood interviewing Michael Tarraga. What I heard shook me to the core. (I will leave a link to the video below).

It was a story of abuse from the time he could remember, at about four when he was placed with his first foster family. The very first night there he was abused. The very first night. They would go on to pass him around to “Uncles and Aunts” for their pleasure. Whether they got paid for this is unknown. As his story unfolded it became clear that there was a network of paedophiles… in the 1950’s!

No internet to hook up like we have today but they still found a way to come together around the world and have a paedophile network!!! In short every single home that Michael was sent to he was abused. He tells of one night when he ran in the cold and snow in just his underclothes to the police station. He was bleeding from being raped. The police did not believe him and returned him to his abusers and told them he needed to be disciplined. He was also raped by “Uncle Teddy” who went on to become the Prime Minister Heath.

He has written a book called the “Meat rack boy”. A story of how these boys were forced into prostitution. I am definitely getting this book. Plus the proceeds go to charity. If you can, watch the video. I will leave the link below. If you can stomach it buy the book. The proceeds go to a good cause. He has cancer, he has had a stroke. Things are not looking good for him but he has finally made peace with what happened to him.

The problem for me is the abuse of children who are destitute, who are in these homes because they’ve suffered abuse at home. These children are there because they have no adults in their lives to step up and help them. We believe that these homes are treating these children with love and care and are nurturing them.

There was a story in the first half of last year that was the same scenario. Children in a children’s safe house were being abused. How dare you!? These children are already damaged! How dare you take advantage of that? How dare you cause them more pain when they are meant to be in a place of safety? I’m trying my darndest to not get colourful with my words and go on a rant. I look at my nieces and nephews and can’t imagine these evil things being done to them. It makes it hit home even more because I am fiercely protective over my family but especially my kiddies. If you want me to lose my shite…. just say something about them even.

These kids have no one. They don’t have Aunty Tracey who would have probably taken them in to start with. Secondly Aunty Tracey would kick anyones ass who messed with them. They do not have that sense of security. It reminds me of my two year old niece mouthing off. Stood by the door saying “My daddy will PRETEND me!” (*defend lol). She has that sense of security. During the holidays I got alot of them coming to me to complain about each other or their parents. Hilarious because some of it was just so comical BUT they knew they could come to me.

What kind of sick coward abuses a vulnerable child. I think you have to be a special kind of sick to abuse children in your care because they’re there BECAUSE OF ABUSE or a dysfunctional family situation or are orphans. Instead of showering them with love you shower them with abuse? How do you look at a broken child who is struggling in life and decide “mmm I think I will abuse her”. You literally have to be possessed by the goddamn devil. In the latest case I saw one of the alledged abusers. Disgusting, dirty, greasy, overweight pig. Just the thought that he was part of abusing girls aged between 3 to 16 made me sick!!!! The thought of that man touching me made me sick. These poor girls faced so much more.

My heart goes out to them. I wish I could get them together and have a little party and give them gifts or something. Make them believe that there is still good in this world. How jaded they must be? So many of us adults couldn’t handle what they have gone through in life and they are still standing. They are such strong girls and I admire them. Imagine the lasting damage these girls will have. Trust issues will be massive. Can you imagine trying to have a normal life after years of abuse? They will be in abusive relationships and think it’s totally normal. The damage is so far reaching it’s scary.

I admire all these kids who have had a shitty home life and were placed in foster care/group homes only to be abused, physically and sexually. These are predators. How are we allowing these homes to be set up with no women. Oh wait, the home in an abuse scandal had women. Government needs to do a hell of alot more vetting and having constant monitoring. There needs to be psychological help for these children! Where are the social workers? We cannot just take the child out of a bad situation and expect that that will fix it. No! They need help! They need to learn coping mechanisms. They need to work through their trauma. Yes, giving them a new place to live is great but they need so much more.

As for men and women. Yes women. Who prey on these already damaged children? There is a special place in hell for you. I so wish I could be in Cape Town for these court cases. I’d love to shame them. Imagine the shame those children felt. Just like they took away the rights of those children, I do not care about their rights.

Maybe its best I don’t go. I would legit put a brick in sock and be flinging that thing wildly. I think about all the considerations and thinking I do when it comes to my kids. I try my best for them to experience life in the best way possible. They are little people. They have personalities (oh boy does my squad have personalities ). I never take their feelings for granted. I validate their feelings and we talk about it. Right now what I can do is educate my kiddies. I ensure that they know I am their confidant. They can come to me with anything going on in their lives and I will either help or offer a different perspective. Sometimes I have to keep a straight face and stifle my internal screaming because I need them to be completely open.

Again, who is there to do this for these children? It’s on my heart to do some volunteer work with children’s homes this year. You might not know this abut me but I used to do alot of charity work. I stopped because emotionally it became too much. We would go and play with the kids on Sundays and leaving became harder and harder. It seriously messed me up. You just feel like taking them all home with you. This year I am going to find a way to help that won’t take too much of an emotional toll on me. I’d like to think that alot of you would be part of these initiatives to help children’s homes. Let’s make a real impact. A lasting impact. Let’s make the children’s homes be in the news for good reasons.

To my readers not in South Africa, please do the same. This problem is not just a South African problem. It is a global problem. I urge you to also get involved. Maybe grab a few friends and create a group that goes to different homes and helps out. Let’s do our bit to stop this. It’s all good and well to be outraged but what are you going to do with the outrage? Maybe use that outrage to fuel yourself into doing something about it.

That’s where I am at. After hearing numerous horrific stories and now this last one my rage level is at wet gremlin. I can’t keep talking about how outraged I am. I’ve done that for all of 2019. 2020 is my year of activism so I need to act! I will try my best to not translate the acting part into killing these peados in a slow, torturous, horrific way. Please email me or message me with your ideas or thoughts. If you don’t have my details here they are: e-mail or whatsapp : 0829608126

I’ve also been following the whole “Minor Attracted Person” a nice new name for paedos. They are out and proud. What I find a bit disturbing is that that they call themselves “M.A.PS”… but then you get “NOMAPS” which stands for “Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons”. So are you telling me MAPS are active paedos????

Please go and read about this. They are using the slogan that was used with homosexuality “You can’t help who you love”. EFF OFF! It’s not two consenting adults! It’s a child! I’ve listened to their arguments to try and understand their thinking. I was just left very, traumatised and hella sick. What scares me is that it’s all over the internet. They are completely open about it. I just can’t with this. I will leave the name of a Pro-MAPS guy so you can hear his arguement that it’s totally cool for a child to be in a relationship with an adult!

I’m sorry but I have to share! I am not going to be the only one freaked out by these weirdos! Share in my trauma and watch the videos!!!! Plus sharing is caring an I love you all for taking the time to read my blog!


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