Quick update on the crazy.. that’s kinda crazy. Tracey’s World!

So after 11 days and 1 furious blog later the pain disappeared. I woke up and it was gone. Don’t care how or what or when. It’s gone. I mean the extreme pain though. The normal, constant, pain every, day 24/7 is still here. Just chilling. So I’m still trying to deal with that.

Here’s the kicker. I have to go to Cape Town tonight. Yes, I’m catching a flight to Cape Town tonight. Life goes on. This needs to happen so that things can grow!

There is no time like the present!

The time is now!

Seize the moment!


Because you don’t have a choice! Pain or not life goes on! So here I am!

If you read previous posts you will know that travelling can cause you to have a flare. Yes. Travelling. Of course I would be given complicated, weird diseases! I’m mean WHAT is normal in my life? All the weird stuff happens to me. Geez I must’ve been real evil in my previous lives because if this is Karma… bloody hell I’m sorry! I really am!


So I’ve planned well today. Started packing early. Mentally put together outfits and alternatives / in case. Packed light. Well my version.

The Girls Scouts taught me to be prepared!

So hopefully no crazy rushing like a crazy person. I’m doing everything in stages with a good amount of rest afterwards. You cannot imagine the back pain you get from just packing your bags. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

Like unpacking groceries. Up, down, this cupboard, the freezer, up to the fridge, back down to the freezer. People take so much for granted. What I wouldn’t give to do an activity and not be in pain after. I have a better chance than an edible candy floss man riding on a unicorn. And you know what… I’d be ok with that! I’d get on that unicorn and eat that whole, entire man. He won’t get no last words or anything! Candy Floss #smallwins.

So off to the airport and this Uber smells like polony/pepperoni. He looks like Buthelezi. He makes awful dad jokes… Best of all this old pepperoni man was blasting Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina”. Made props to him but as usual. Nothing is just normal in Tracey’s World. This Randomn stuff happens all the time. Part of life.

I get to the airport… check in. Hey! Only 17kgs! In total! No hand luggage! Proud of myself. The #mefirst stuff is working. I’m starting to get better at certain things subconsciously! Like the whole day! Stress free! … haha yeah right. This is Tracey’s World remember!!

Chilling waiting for the flight and I reach for my phone. No phone. What? WHAT? WHAAAT! I go running to security because I have done this before. Forget it in a security bucket. More than once. They don’t have it! They’re about to give me clearance to check the coffee shop and I hear an air steward say “I found this phone belonging to a Tracey so let me know if anyone is looking for a phone”. Immediately I scream “MEE”. I’m not even quite sure I heard right but hey. YES! It’s my phone! Bloody hell. Now I need a whole spa day and a retreat with a psychologist and every other “ologist” you can find!

Finally time to board. In the hundreds of flights I’ve taken you’d think I would be able to get on and off a plane gracefully by now. Nope. No. I look like a total mess that you’re not sure if you should help the poor little thing or if it’s some rabid crazy woman. I have restrictions so getting anything up into those cubbies is impossible. Eventually someone takes pity on me and helps me. Disembarking causes my anxiety to go up… I stand there looking helpless and hope for best.

Got on the plane. Woman in my seat who wants to argue. Are we really going to get spicy?? She then proceed to “prove it” to me… OOPS WRONG SEAT. Yes. Thank you. Now move your ass I am tired. I am now in my seat, with my almond cappuccino (elixir of life) and downloaded videos I want to catch up on. My left hip is totally busted. God alone knows why. The Randomn life of Tracey. I just have to go with it I guess..

See you on the flipside! AND YES OF CAUSE I’M TRAVELLING WITH A MASK! I’m any