Lockdown Monday! Motivation, games and fun for you and the fam and a mental health check in

It’s Monday. It really is. I triple checked the date because you know, these days, days just all run into one. I thought I’d kick off the week with some random stuff to get you going for the week. It’s tough. Really tough, right now. If this post entertains just one person then my job here is done!

I’ve started doing make-up tutorial videos for my girl squad. Doing editing and stuff. Fancy hey 😂😂😂. It is excellent practice for me for the vlog I want to start. Coming soon to a YouTube near you! Once they start selling ring lights again, I will be buying it a.s.a.p. Time to get this going. Your support/suggestions/advice are all welcome as this is the first time I’m dipping my feet in this pool! Anyway let’s get started.

Mental Health and Motivation

Can you imagine? My neighbours would really stay indoors then! 😂
A great example of someone losing their mind #lockdownloco
Man I’m glad I don’t have kids when I see such things! Bet mom only left the room for 5 minutes….

Brain Exercises

I decided to add some brain teasers and “find the object” games. I tried to find you hard ones for your kids in the hopes it will give u a break! 😂 There are some for you too to keep your mind going. I know I am personally getting porridge brains. Ugh.

I know you are running out of ideas with the little ones. My suggestion is to tire them out so they willingly go to bed! 😂😂 You don’t need buy in because it would be their idea! The again I’d also make them dig random holes or move rocks for no other reason than to keep them busy and make them tired! Bored? What’s that? A luxury some of us have never experienced because we were “Not allowed” to be bored!

Anyway. Here are some links to activities like puzzles and brain teasers that you might find useful !

Have your own Pub Quizz https://pin.it/3EL1UUR

Brain Teaser https://pin.it/6vAAx9b

Reader’s Digest Brain Boosting. games https://www.rd.com/culture/brain-games/

Spot the 10 differences? Games for kids http://www.champak.in/spot-the-difference/puzzles-for-kids-spot-the-difference

I hope this helps. As the numbers in South Africa have increased so steeply I know we are feeling more anxiety. I hope this post helps a some of you . #togetheralone #lockdown

I am here for all of you all the time. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. You are not alone. Stay safe loved ones!

Wishing you light and love this week and every week! 💖

One Love 😷✌

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