Video Call Meetings gone horribly wrong!

With everyone working from home, alot of meetings are now via video calls. Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. With so many meetings happening online we were bound to run into some hilarious situations. You know it was going to happen.

Do you remember the original video gone wrong from the guy who did the BBC interview and his kids came into his office? You quickly see the nanny grab them. It was too adorable though. The tiny one coming in with his walking ring was a killer! If you forgot here is the link to the video!

Check out the video here!

I’ve perused the internet and gathered some pretty funny video meetings gone wrong! There are so many of them I decided to add the links to the articles because there are just too many to do individually. I hope this gives you a little giggle today! Here are some spoiler alerts!

  • The one where someone attended a video meeting naked and didn’t realise their camera was on.
  • The one where someone forgot to mute their microphone while bitching about other people on the call.
  •  Broadcasting a break-up conversation
  • Pantless men wandering in

Video Meetings gone wrong. The links.

Check out this collection of Tweets!

35 Of The Funniest Quarantine Conference Calls Gone Wrong http://35 Of The Funniest Quarantine Conference Calls Gone Wrong

During this time we need to laugh a little. Actually we need to laugh alot. It’s therapeutic. Worldwide we are together facing the same problem. This is me doing my bit, hoping that it brings a smile to at least someone’s face. Even if it was just one person, my job here is done!

Stay safe everyone!


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