So you wanted to be a Doctor? These stories will make you think again!

Imagine. You’ve studied for so many years. Put in all the hard work. You’re now a qualified Doctor! Yay! You’re working at a hospital and you’re given your very first patient! Exciting times! You’re prepared for any ailment and stitch ups you have to do.

Your patient tells you there is something wrong with their foot. They remove their shoe so you can examine it and you’re hit with the most God awful smell! Oh God. You try to keep it together, smiling. He tells you that he has not removed the sock in a while because of the sore on his foot. Oh God. You peel away the sock and the smell is amplified. You’ve never smelt anything this puke inducing in your life!

You finally peel the whole sock away and holy shit. The foot is rotten. Green in some parts with oozing puss. Oh God. You put on some gloves and start to examine the foot. You separate the toes and almost fall back when you are met with the site of wriggling maggots between his toes. He was right to keep that sock on because as you pull on one toe it comes off. In your hand. You have a rotten toe in your hand. Oh God. His foot his so rotten, necrosis has set in and parts of his foot look unsalvageable…

And you thought the life of a doctor was so glamorous all the time! A South African doctor turned comedian once joked that he studied for so many years and ended up examining arseholes for haemmoroids! Here are some stories.

Warning: Some of them are really gross/gory

I love these videos because I can listen to them while doing things… cooking, cleaning the kitchen or even just chilling outside. For chronically ill people it’s great. I know when I’m bedridden I can’t watch anything because I’m just laying there too sick to do anything. I listen to these videos. It doesn’t require me to look at the screen. It helps.

Here’s a collection of some videos for you!

Watch “Doctors Share Their Most Shocking Cases” Here

Watch “Autopsy Doctors Reveal How Their Patients REALLY Died” Here

Watch “Death Caused By Popcorn” Here

Watch “Doctors Share Cases That Still Make Their Skin Crawl” Here

Watch “Doctors Share Insane DIY Surgery Stories” Here

Watch “Doctors share worst things they’ve ever seen” Here

Watch “Doctors Who Haven’t “Seen It All before” Share The Worst Thing They’ve Seen Part 1″ Here

Watch “These Doctors Haven’t “Seen It All before”! Part 2″ Here

Expect to have your face look horrified and to want to gag alot. Some of them of them are funny others are downright bizarre! Hope you love the playlist!

Stay Safe


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