Warning sick content! Must read! Did you know this was happening online? If you have kids you really must read this.

Must read! Looking at online predators and sickos. Ever heard of Zoophilia? Find out here.

WARNING! This post contains information of a distressful nature. Taking the “You can’t help who you love” …. even if it’s a 2-year-old or a horse, too far! Let’s get into it.

I’ve been watching some videos and I have come across some really scary stuff. If you have children, you really need to read this. I am horrified. I am all for acceptance, but this is taking it too bloody far. Sickos seeking validation… So, let me break this down for you. Let’s start with the Paedophiles.

I follow a vlogger who does dark web diving. The stories he shared, which you could see on his screen, were horrific! All I could think is, holy shit this is happening all around us and we are none the wiser!

They had a classified section. The amount of men who wanted to start a Paedophile family was staggering! What the actual …. So basically, the woman gets with you and you have kids that you can happily abuse because your wife, THEIR MOTHER is in on it! Of course, the classifieds asked for girls from different age groups etc. The whole paedophile family freaks me out. Clearly, it’s a “thing”. Don’t let them fool your children with the “you can’t help who you love”. You are sick and need to get help! Not embrace it and create a whole community. There is a WHOLE community on Twitter and Instagram. You should see their comments, it’s disgusting. Their pages are disgusting. Why has Twitter not removed them yet! You will see some below.

They have now created a new sexuality. MAPS (Minor Attracted Persons). Some of them call themselves virtuous MAPS meaning they won’t act on their fantasies. Ok dude but when you’re around my young child you still get aroused? That is a hard NOPE for me. Sorry. Who knows when they will give in to their urges?

Then you get Pro-contact MAPS. MAPS that are out there saying it’s okay to have a sexual relationship with a child. One of these fools actually said “Children do know what they want and like. I mean they know what ice-cream flavour they want.” Are you flipping kidding me? I’m trying to hold back on the very rude words I want to use here. Now you have MAP allies! People who actually support them. In researching this, I had to go through Twitter and Instagram accounts that made me so damn sick. It completely freaked me out. It’s damn disgusting and they are sick and deluded.

Warning: The following information can cause distress, shock, horror, anger. Some of these groups I will be discussing is not for sensitive readers. Hell, it made me sick.

So we have MAPS, as explained above. They are on a massive campaign to get validation, to be accepted. Some openly say that they are Pro-Contact and others are not. How brazen though are you though to say that you Pro-Contact. You’re a damn paedophile not a MAP!

What makes me sicker is that they have MAP allies. WHAT? “I’m not a paedophile but they have rights too and I will stand up for them” again… WHAT??? Here is a video explaining it:  Map Allies

Here they are out in the open in Twitter

Twitter isn’t the only problematic site. They are all over social media preying on children.

This guy, Amos Lee, has long been an advocate for MAPS. He is completely sickening. He had a YouTube channel, but it was taken down. I have never heard such sick arguments in my life! Warning this video is distressing. He is someone I want to beat the crap out of. I can take him. I totally can. He is all over the internet, toting his bizarre theories to try and make paedophilia okay.

Watch Amos Lee a very vocal advocate for paedophilia: “Paedophilia is ok – MY TAKE ON IT”  Here

Annnnnd that’s why we have disgusting crap like this happening!

Dad accused of raping 20-month-old daughter: Read about it here and this:

Watch “She’s 18 & “dating” a 13 y/o” Here

This proves how sick they are and the lengths they will go to! Watch “This man hid in a house for months”  Here

This video gives you some insight as to what goes on, on Instagram: Here

I actually went through the full list she had on on her video. Some of the accounts have been closed, the rest are private. Some have very creepy profile pics of kids. Look at the names of these accounts. What have we allowed into our everyday world? Children/ Teens will stumble across this and can end up in grave danger or even dead. These psychos have ways and means. Here are some of the shameless names:

Thebeautyofboys44; c.u.t.e_boys; boy love.2020; tempting teens; playgroundboy21


Now that we are thoroughly sick let’s bring out another group who are claiming they can’t help who they love and have rights. Welcome to the world of Zoophilia! A nice word for bloody bestiality! Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s ok to love and have sexual contact with someone who can consent and understand what is happening.

If a child is forced to go along with it, it’s not consent. Also, they are too young to be making such decisions; no consent. For the sake of all things holy how in the hell is bestiality consensual? HOW? Do you speak horse? Do you speak Llama? Am I missing something here? They have come out openly now because they too are using the “Can’t help who you love” concept but in such a warped way. A way it was never intended to be used!

I got this off reddit.  “I am a zoophile. Ask me just about anything.” A Very enlightening read!!! Inside the world of Zoophilia

This is a must-read article! It explains so many different creepy groups on the Internet. Educate yourself, especially if you have children. It’s important to know what weird stuff is going on out there. Life is not all sunshine and butterflies. We have some really sick people living amongst us and this article gives you insight into how problematic things in the world is becoming. Read about it here

I’m sorry if this distressed you. It is, however, reality. We need to get more in tune. They are amongst us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They’re everywhere. It is so important to educate yourself and children. I even educate myself on the language and acronyms they use so that I know what they are talking about.

On a positive note…. I don’t necessarily always support vigilantes, but I love this guy. He has a whole channel dedicated to him catching sick bastards online, while he pretends to be a 13 / 14-year-old girl.

Check out his channel on YouTube, Anxiety War.  He has some really good, funny GOTCHA videos but they’re also very graphic. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you feel a bit better after you watch it! Sorry for such a heavy topic on a Saturday but it’s something I’ve been working on for a while.

It’s very graphic but this is what someone could be saying to your children. It shows how sick they are and the lengths they go to.

Stay Safe!

One Love!😷✌

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