You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week. Truth is I’m fighting health battles. Based on lockdown time, yes I use lockdown time as a measure of time now, I’ve been sick for over 80 days.

I’ve just gotten progressively worse. It’s a long story. Wrong meds etc. However, I have now been put on new immunosuppressants (chemo). It’s stronger but I believe it’s going to work, in time of course because it takes a few weeks to actually kick in.

I’ve prepared myself for the battle of adjusting to the new meds. The side effects look brutal. I know I will have severe nausea and vomiting at first but they’ve listed some other things like abdominal pain, malaise (laying there like a potato), fevers and some other stuff I don’t remember. I’m ready. Those with chronic illnesses know that you will try anything if it’s going to make you feel better.

So I started with the new meds last night. Yes, nausea and the feeling of being kicked in the kidneys. But this comes with the territory. This is not new to me. I’m battling emotionally and mentally as well but that picked up yesterday when I got to help a friend. So bring on the crap side effects. I’m ready. My grandad would always say “I’m pressing on” when I asked him how he was when he was ill. I will keep pressing on. Soldering on. I am a warrior woman and come from a line of strong women.

Since I got sick I got used to battles. This is another one that I am gonna do my best to get through. I’m here. I will try and post on good days. I hope you are all safe. Sending everyone love and light in a time that has left us confused to say the least. If you’re battling, just know I am here to be your cheerleader.

ProTip: Kale Chips are amazing for nausea!

Stay Safe


7 thoughts on “Battles.

  1. Stay strong, stay positive. That is all we can you. I am battling shortness of breath…. oxygen falls below 80% and i am fearing the day that i get put on Oxygen and have to live with a machine by my side. Worst is that i can not just go to see my pulmunologist without going via emergency unit at hospital. I am taking it hour by hour when taking it day by day seems to long.
    You are armed and you will fight this battle … victory is yours!
    Be safe.

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    1. Oh Man. This sounds awful. I cant imagine not being able to breathe properly.
      Such a basic thing we take for granted. Sending you light and love.
      You got this.
      I totally understand the “do I go to ER” while having a comorbidity issue


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