Working from Home? A toolkit of resources to working from home!

Working from home has now become almost the norm for most. However not everyone is used to working from home. It’s new for alot of people and quite a lot of them are struggling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people are not the “work from home” type and now have to adapt. I’ve put together some resources for you to try and help you cope. This is a trying time. Not only are you working from home you’re dealing with Covid and you might even be looking after your kids at the same time. With this in mind I’ve procured some “Work from Home (WFH)” resources for you!

Getting into the groove

Creating a good routine is imperative to making this work. Here are some articles to help you create the routine and wrap your head around working from home.

Apple created this endearing and disturbing ad. Read about it here Click here to read it

20 tips for working from home

32 working from home tips you can do right now How to work from home: 20 tips from people who do it successfully

4 tips for a better work/life balance while working from home

How to set up a truly great work from home space

Setting up a space where you can work from home

4 tips for creating a makeshift work from home space and 2 common mistakes to avoid

It’s not too late to set up a decent home office

Secrets to working from home in a small apartment

Setting up a home office in a tight space

Keep your mental health in check!

Working from home during this lockdown can really get to you. Some people are juggling looking after kids and working, others are working longer hours. Mental health becomes very important during such a difficult time. Being locked in can cause depression and anxiety. Here are some resources on keeping your mental health in check!

How to keep your mental health in check when you work from home

Maintaining your mental health while working from home

Stress Management Basics

Try the stress test

Sore body? Your physical health is also important

New working conditions at home might leave you with a sore back or neck. You aren’t at your normal desk, you may not have a desk. What I do know is this can cause you to develop some aches and pains, especially if your WFH conditions are not ideal. These are some easy exercises and stretches you can try! I promise it’s not hard but it really works!

4 Morning stretches to combat WFH body stiffness

Daily stretches to practice when working from home

5 stretches to do between your breaks

4 ways to boost your energy when the 3PM slump hits

7 exercises to relieve back pain in 10 minutes

Trying to wrap your head around the normal?

We’ve looked at some of the practical things around working from home. For a holistic guide I’ve added some extras. Trying to wrap our heads around the normal is daunting and the uncertainty causes anxiety. Here are some really good resources I found.

I found this to be a really interesting article. Perhaps it will resonates with you!

12 lessons from Stoicism that can help us mentally deal with the pandemic

This Company’s new 2-sentence remote work policy is the best I’ve ever heard

Watch “Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic” Here

Tips for creating a healthy routine during coronavirus lockdown: Watch it here

Cope with Anxiety from the Coronavirus Outbreak | Cognitive Behavioral Tools & Life Hacks : Must watch here!

Lessons from Lockdown: How tiny actions can unlock psychological energy to boost motivation

We covered grappling with working from home, creating a work space, dealing with your mental state and some resources for the work from home aches and pains. I’ve also added some things to think about to help us try and get our mind around dealing with our new normal.

I hope you find this to be a useful little toolkit if you’re working from home! If there are any “Work from Home (WFH)” topics you would like me to research and cover, please drop me a comment. If these tips helped you please also drop a comment!

Strongs everyone!!

Stay Safe!


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