Working from home : Tips for staying sane and waist up fashion for Zoom meetings!

Alot more people are working from home. We are lucky enough to have technology where we are able to do this. We can almost run business as usual, performing daily tasks including meetings etc. However working from home is a little different, especially if you do it for long periods of time.

Back in the day when I was working, before I went onto disability, there were long periods where for health reasons, I had to work from home. You have to carve out a new normal work routine at home. You have to find a balance. I remember sitting one day for 7 hours straight only taking a break to make a cup of tea! I didn’t even have a toilet break! You are isolated as well and can end up with very unhealthy working patterns. In the office it’s more structured in terms of when you start and end. You go for breaks with colleagues etc. Not so at home. This can become very distressing and you can end up being very overwhelmed.

There are two parts to this post. The first dealing with the reality of the emotions of working from home. Alot of people have no idea how long they will be working from for. Extroverted people are missing the human interaction with all their colleagues everyday. Others are struggling with dealing with the demands of being at home as well as having to juggle being at work. I found some great tips for you around keeping sane during this time.

I saw this quote “Deciding what to wear has become harder; ‘I had to do a conference call with no pants on’” and I found it hilarious. It inspired me to go out and get some inspiration for you! So the second part has some great inspirational ideas for those Zoom meetings. Spoiler alert : You can keep those pajama pants on!!

Onto something more fun! Waist up fashion. Yes, it’s a thing now! People say “dress for success”. It relates to the psychology of looking good making you feel good. I think I’ve said on numerous occasions that people always tell me “You look so good! You don’t look sick!” That’s because I believe in dressing up and showing up. My make up is my warpaint and my outfit is my armour. It gives me alot more confidence to go out and face the world instead of the frail, fragile and in extreme pain creature I often am. It’s great to just chat to my friends / people rather than have them fretting over how ill I am. Here are some articles to give you some inspiration!

If you’re on Instagram check out the account : @wfhfits (Working From Home Outfits) for some great inspirational ideas.

Here’s how to dress from the waist up for your Zoom meetings

Tips: Look professional from waist up for those work from home video meetings

How to dress from the waist up for your Zoom meetings

Will Zoom Save My Wardrobe and My Sanity?

I Feel Great About My Neck, and Other Thoughts on Being on Zoom

Personally I’d be doing the turtlenecks, shirts and plain long sleeve t-shirts and jazzing them up with accessories like statement necklaces, earrings, scarves etc. It’s a great time to get creative! I have alot of tops that I have hardly worn because I can’t really find bottoms that go well with it. Now is the time to whip out those tops! As for your hair… dry shampoo is your best friend if you haven’t had time to wash your hair… or have just not been in the mood!

I always try to see the fun and humour in dark times. I will be doing a post for all of those hard at work about zoom calls gone wrong soon. I’ve seen some pretty hilarious stuff! So try to create a new normal. Try and get creative with zoom waist up fashion. Please message me pictures! I’m gagging to see what some of you have come up with!! Can’t wait!

Stay safe


3 thoughts on “Working from home : Tips for staying sane and waist up fashion for Zoom meetings!

    1. Ah thanks Anna. I want to give my readers the best that I can find. I’m working on honing the craft. Thank you for being both a mentor and an inspiration! #neshama!


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