Join my lockdown Self-Care movement!

Lockdown rolled around we buckled down in our homes. There was no going to Salon’s and Spas. Ugh. No going for massages and pedicures but I could live with it. But, like me a lot of people let themselves go. It’s not like were going anywhere or going to see anyone.

I looked like I was neglected. I looked feral for a while. I had this creature on my head. Some had called this a bun… if I attempted to loosening it, wild animals would come galloping out! I’m not going out as much so I’m getting less oxygen, less vitamin D and also winter in Johannesburg, equals thirsty skin. On top of that I battle the hyperpigmentation that the medication causes. I found something that’s working that I will review soon. I really want my skin to look naturally healthy and glowing because my embarrassment and lack of confidence put in me in a place where I wouldn’t leave home without make up. I had to at least have concealer and foundation at all times. Fingers crossed that this face bootcamp really works!🀞

I decided to do something about it and invested in some really good face Masques. Korean beauty and skincare products have become a craze so I bought some of that. Here are some of the masques I bought.

Purchased on Go check them out NOW while they still have stock of their great range of masques.

I tried out a Masque. My skin has been feeling dehydrated so I tried this Aloe masque. I’m not seeing an immediate, massive difference like with the Garnier hydration masque is I used. I’ve included a pic of it in case you want to try it. So here’s the masque story.

I’ll be reviewing the best ones but I will also be showcasing DIY skin treatments that you can easily do at home. Besides, it gives you some much needed me time while working on your getting your skin healthy. We have the time now to do all these extra little things. Let’s give ourselves a little pick me up with a little home spa treatment. Your skin needs its. Your sanity needs it.

Join in by sending pics and recipes for products to make at home. Let’s emerge from this like the FABULOUS women we are! Checkout the upcoming lockdown posts! Hope you have fun with the future posts!

Stay safe!


8 thoughts on “Join my lockdown Self-Care movement!

      1. Been suffering alot with pain lately. It’s awful.
        Also need to see my rheumatologist because I need a check up. Liver and kidney function tests. They doubled my chemo (immunosuppressants).so it must be checked.
        Add grief and the physical manifestation happens.
        How are you?


  1. I went out for my birthday today and put on my make up for the first time in months. When we got to where we were going I put my mask on and shook my head! Why in the world did I need makeup with a mask! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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