The Florida Man game… Play and share your answers!

Ever hear about Florida Man? It’s very often in the news that Florida Man is followdd by something crazy. Wikipedia explains it as;

Explanation of Florida Man

Now, let’s play a game. Into your google search. Put in Florida Man + your date of birth (just the day and month) and see what the headline about Florida man is for for that date! I got this:

This is insane!

It’s alot more fun than you thought! I’d love you would share your Florida Man story based on the search shown above. Think it’s a one off kind of thing. Nah! That’s why you can google it with your birthday and get a response. I hope it entertained you. If it did, then here’s a bonus for you!

60 Times Florida Man Did Something So Crazy We Had To Read The Headings Twice Click here to read it

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!


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