Lockdown Self-Care Movement. Update and some DIY Products!

So, I’m trying to stick to the Self-Care movement. I have good days and I have bad days. Like, uggggh I have to wash my hair. My hair is quite long so it’s quite the job. I’ve really been having fun with all the new masques and stuff I bought!

Johannesburg is notorious for just swallowing up all the moisture in the Winter months. Extremely dry skin from the dry air. I normally change my moisturiser in Winter because I need something more hydrating for Winter. It’s insanity! Talk about ashy for you daysssss. My scalp even gets dry and then it looks like dandruff! So, I change my shampoo as well.

In Winter you really have to step up your game. Moisturising is important, especially your face. It actually feels uncomfortable and dry to me. It feels icky. My skin has been so thirsty. I can feeeel the thirst. I decided to try the Aloe Vera Hydrating Masque. It was good. Not amazing but good. I would give it a 6/10. I must admit my skin did feel hydrated though.

I also tried the Golden Brightening Peel Masque from Woolies. I really liked this and a friend saw me an hour after I had peeled it off, and mentioned that my skin was looking good. I did like how it brightened my face. Winter brings on dull skin. You absolutely have to exfoliate to remove those dead skin cells. In Winter our skins tend to look more dull. No, sun kissed, tanned faces. My next post is going to be on exfoliation because dead skin cells…ewwww NO.

Brightening Clay Masque (peel off). Available at Woolworths.

Today I tried Dermaplaning. Another topic for another day. I then had a full on wash. Like when you take your dog to the parlour for the works. Washed my hair, exfoliated, Bush whacked and today I felt like trying out the Peptide Masque.

 According to Dr. Jwala Karnik, “peptides are small enough to penetrate the skin, [and] when applied topically, they signal the skin to repair itself.”

I felt like having a super hydrating, anti-aging (start early!), collagen boosting fix. It is actually really great. My skin feels super soft, which dermaplaning helps with, and feels hydrated. This is definitely one I would buy again.

You don’t have to run all over trying to find the most expensive stuff. You have the ingredients at home for amazing homemade products! And they work! You might find this weird but when I cut up an avodcado, I actually rub the peels on the the back of my hands and leave it for a while. I wash it off and voila! Super moisturised hands from leftover avo skin.

Here are 3 masques, including a peptide Masque. If you try it out give us a review please!

Here are the recipes:

I hope you had some fun, maybe even learned something. The battle to not come out look like Feral children is on it’s way. Slowly.

Stay Safe!


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