Weird Unsolved Mysteries

Something you might not know about me is that I have a morbid fascination with crime, especially serial killers and weird deaths! I’ve always been fascinated by it, for as long as I can remember. I thought I would start adding this part of my life to my blog. I hope I have some fans of crime here!

I thought I’d start with some weird unsolved mysteries and death. You might find some of it disturbing.

“Real Life Unsolved Mysteries That’ll Give You The Chills” Click here !

“10 Insane True Crime Stories That Deserve Their Own Netflix Shows” Click here!

Let’s end this with stories that were solved! “Top 10 Cold Cases That Were Finally Solved” Cases finally solved. Click here!

I’ve procured some articles for you too. Not everyone want’s to watch videos so I like doing some links to articles. Here are some interesting reads!!

29 Unsolved Murders That Will Send Shivers Down your Spine! Read it here!

History’s most chilling killings that have remained unsolved Read it here!

10 Horrifying Unsolved Murders That Can’t Be Explained Read it here!

Unsolved Murders list Read it here!

I would also love to start writing about cases in the news that we are following. Also discuss some cases that have gone down. If you’d like me to do actual crime posts, like this post so I know if it’s something you guys are interested in! I also welcome cases you’d like me to feature!

Hope you sleep well tonight 😉

Stay Safe! #inthistogether


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