Rehoming a Child, you Adopted. Vlogger Myka Sauffer rehomed her child and this topic has made headlines and got people talking.

Firstly, I HATE the word “rehoming”. This is not a pet that you are giving to someone else. It’s a child, YOUR child. I’ve seen a lot of stories and documentaries about this. A lot of them have been absolutely horrific and others made me think. I believe that when you adopt a child, that child becomes yours. Completely. If disabilities or issues pop up later, you can’t just give them away. It seems it is more common for children who are adopted to be “given back” as opposed to biological parents having to push through. It’s their kid and they’re stuck with them right? It’s heart breaking to think that a child who has already been given up for adoption is now pushed somewhere else. The damage this causes is long lasting. One child was rehomed three times in six months.

Thanks to Myka Sauffer and her husband, this topic is making the news, with headlines: A parenting YouTuber faced backlash for ‘rehoming’ her adopted son with autism after monetizing his videos.

  • Over the last six years, Myka Stauffer has become a popular parenting YouTuber and lifestyle influencer, boasting over 700,000 subscribers.
  • Since starting her channel in 2014, Stauffer has shared parenting tips, home organization tutorials, updates on her pregnancies and children, and her “adoption journey.”
  • In a series of videos, the YouTuber and her husband revealed their plans to adopt, updated subscribers on their process of navigating an international adoption, and shared their son’s progress as he adapted to his new home and family. (the

Her digital brand proved to be lucrative, since adopting Huxley. BuzzFeed News reported, Stauffer’s online following grew significantly.  She brought people into her world via her YouTube channel.  People joined her on her journey to adopt Huxley in China, navigating international laws etc.  People got to watch him come home and adjusting to his new life.  It also covered their discoveries of his disabilities being diagnosed.

“With international adoption, sometimes there’s unknowns and things that are not transparent on files and things like that,” James Stauffer said. “Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of and that we were not told.”

Myka soon became an advocate for children with disabilities and for international adoption. to take the adoption process seriously.

“I quickly learned that Huxley wasn’t the one who needed to change—it was me. One of the most incredible lessons my autistic son has taught me is to see the beauty in life,” she wrote.

Huxley lived with the Stauffers and appeared in their videos, that made their YouTube followers double and continue to increase, for nearly 3 years.  Slowly followers started to realise that Huxley was no longer in the videos.  They reached out trying to find out what had happened to Huxley and were met with silence.  Finally after weeks of fan speculation, on May 26, the Stauffers posted a video titled “an update on our family” in which they revealed, tearfully, that they had placed Huxley in a new home that was better suited to accommodate his medical needs. Watch it here. All of this has led to brands linked to the Sauffers withdrawing their affiliation to the family.

 In another story I read the child was told “I’m sorry this didn’t work out,” he said. “But don’t worry. We’ll find another family soon. You tried.”. My God can you imagine what was going through that poor child’s mind? You tried… and failed.  At least he was given back to CPS.  There are many forums online where you can “rehome” your adopted child.  You just give the child away.  Children can be sent to new families quickly through a basic “power of attorney” document – a notarized statement declaring the child to be in the care of another adult.  So basically, all you have is a “receipt”. A receipt for a child.

Many, many children have been given to people who are abusive, or went to people who were sex traffickers, paedophiles… let’s face it this is a great place for them to get kids easily?  It’s just a handover of the child. 

Although in some instances when you have a 16 year old teen with severe mental problems, violent tendencies and dangerous behaviour. He is a danger to himself and others and doctors decide the teen should be put in a facility to help him, a family with a biological child would probably do the same.  If that’s what doctors deem fit. So opinions are diverse on this subject. What’s yours?

Read about a girl who was rehomed on the black market to a random couple.  The man actually had multiple charges of sexual abuse and of course ended up abusing this girl.  She was just handed over. Read her story and how she overcame Here

I’m sorry but I found this story hard.  The Mother focuses more on herself in this story.  The story seems to be more about what SHE went through. Yeah, I can’t connect to that. Read it here:  Read it here

It takes more than love: What happens when adoptions fail. Read it here

A story of rehoming.  This woman told her daughter “I explained to her that she was going to go and stay with somebody else for a while because mommy was sick and needed help. I assured her that I would come and visit and that I would see her in a few days” but she had actually given her back.  Read her story about reversing adoption here: This is her story

Rehoming 101: The Legal (And Devastating) Practice of Sending Adopted Kids Back by @SunnyJWriter Click here

Yes, this actually happened: Torry Hansen of Shelbyville, Tenn., put 7-year-old Artyem Saviliev — renamed Justin Artyem Hansen in the U.S. — on a plane to Moscow’s Domodedovo airport with a note in his pocket saying she was returning him, that the boy had severe psychological problems and that the orphanage had lied about his condition. 😳😳😳😳 sorry what???

Stay Safe


2 thoughts on “Rehoming a Child, you Adopted. Vlogger Myka Sauffer rehomed her child and this topic has made headlines and got people talking.

  1. Hey Tracey…

    Not sure if you remember me but we met at the pozzie on Liberty’s campus and your story touched me way more than you could ever imagine. I have been following up on your blogs and today I just felt like reaching out to you and asking you how you’re doing. How is the hubby?
    You have no idea how much of an impact you make just by sharing your thoughts and experience and with that, I got my friend who has been fighting all sorts of cancer since 2015 to open up and just feel free to talk about it all.

    She is now undergoing chemo for a tumor in her brain which is pressing against her optic nerve which may leave her blind on the one eye.
    But good news is we re tackling this together and she can laugh at the fact that I call her my Left Eye Pirate BFF…

    So please, in however you feel, p or down just know you are impacting lives in more ways than you realize and for that, I will keep you in my prayers and God will see you through.

    Oh and by the way your last post on rehoming – let’s not get into it, I’m a single mom of 3 so I dont have any words to describe my feelings on the topic.

    Much love sweets and just know you are loved *hugs and kisses*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s your name? Ah man. That touches my heart so much. I’m honoured that I somehow touched someone else’s life. You have no idea. Specially at a time when I feel I have very little to contribute.

      Your friend is blessed to have a friend like you! Laughter is the bed medicine and I’m glad you can bring that to her life.
      You have no idea how much that means when you’re sick.
      Sending your friend blessing and healing light. That is a massive battle she is going through.
      My grandmother had one that turned to brain cancer.
      It seems your friends’ has been caught earlier. Wishing her the best on this journey.

      Thank you for reading my blogs. That means a hell of alot to me! 💞💞


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