Hyperpigmentation? Finally a magic trio that is doing wonders for me! And it’s cheap!

Lockdown Self-Care Movement!

As is the case with many Lupus patients, I’ve developed awful hyperpigmentation! I still have remnants of a butterfly rash on my nose 6 years later! I also have it on my upper lip and it looks like a bloody moustache! Sooo embarrassing! I have tried so many products. So many things. Fyi putting papaya on your face everyday does actually help your overall complexion! However it didn’t take away the hyperpigmentation.

My confidence has taken such a knock because of it. What to do? I was spending money on expensive products that really did nothing. What else could I to do? I took to using alot of make up. I watched tons of YouTube videos on how to cover up and conceal these horrible marks on my face. I bought all the concealers. You know the green ones and such. I became obsessed with foundation. Trying different kinds. I bought one that made me look like Donald Trump! Yes it totally covered the marks but I did not want to rival Trump. Cheetos for what? I just ended up wearing so much make up. I never went out without it. Only my family got to see me without make up. Then my aunt recommended The Ordinary. I was desperate and decided to look into it.

The Ordinary is a no frills, no massive ad campaigns company. This keeps their price point low. I was intrigued by the products and started doing research, reading reviews and watching alot of videos. The results seemed to be amazing! Based on my research I narrowed it down to two products I would try first. I told hubs what they were and where to get it. My Christmas wish list. Christmas day came and I got the products! I was so eager to try them and started immediately. I was shocked at the results! It was almost immediate! Within a week I saw a noticeable difference in my overall complexion. This stuff was like magic! I decided to buy albutrin as well since that was on my list. It just started getting better and better. I became religious about using it. I absolutely love the peel but this is what you look like:

Three months later and my complexion is brighter and more even and my hyperpigmentation is noticeably lighter! I have now started going to certain places without makeup! I don’t feel like a complete Ogre anymore. I decided to try the vitamin c powder. You mix it with your normal moisturiser. I’m now loving this product! None of the products I’m using are greasy. They are like serums and just absorb into your skin. The vitamin c powder is brilliant. I mix it with my moisturiser and instead of looking shiny it provides a matte finish. Even better when going makeup free.

ProTip from Samika: Don’t use Niacimide with the Vitamin C Powder

Now everyone is different and skin requirements are different. This worked for me, and alot of other people based on reviews and videos. Go check it out! Find the combinations that you need for your skin. No matter what your skin type I highly recommend the peel. It’s not an exfoliater. It digs deep, going past just the surface level. The results are immediate. It stings a little when you put it on but it’s so worth it!

I buy mine online from http://www.samika.co.za I’ve found that they have the best prices and their customer service is amazing! Initially I bought it from another online beauty store and their prices were higher and the customer service was really not great. At all. I even love the packaging. Little brown boxes that you can reuse. I used the one box for some of my makeup brushes when I travelled. Check it out online at http://www.samika.co.za if you are in South Africa. I’m not sure what the best supplier is outside of South Africa so I can’t comment on that.

So these are the products I bought. My magic trio for hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation or not the Aha/bha peel is a MUST. It’s become a craze actually!

Here is some info on the range.

VIDEO: Which The Ordinary Product Is Right For Me? Find out here!

Deciem and the Ordinary changed skin care forever. Full list of products here

If you decide to buy anything, let me know how it works or didn’t work for you. I’d love to know about your experience!

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming this to be a miracle cure for everyone. After research these are the products that I bought and that worked for me. You might need something else. The people at Samika are also great at giving advice about the products. Always do your research first!

One Love! ✌

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