Mukbang! Have you seen this crazy crap? I fear for the future!

All my posts have been so dreary I thought I’d switch it up with this craze. Mukbang. It blew my mind. Some of you may have seen this before but for those of you who haven’t…. oh boy are you in for a treat.

Mukbang! Eat the foodsss!

It all started in Korea. Basically it was people eating crazy amounts of noodles and other Korean food to a live audience. Like this … and people would tune in to watch the people eat. It gave them some kind of pleasure. Dear Lord take me now ….

Talk about oodles of noodles….

Eventually it caught on in the West and it just blew up. So basically you’re live streaming yourself eating disgusting portions of food live. I attempted to watch one but the sound of someone chewing for 45 minutes was a HARD NO from me. People actually like the sound of loud chewing and slurping and all the other noises that come along with the pleasure of eating. Who are you people? Since when is the sound of chewing “soothing”. Have you gone and lost your entire mind. Please raise your hand… I need to know who you are! I don’t understand how people derive pleasure from this. The fact that it’s gotten so big and there are YouTube channels dedicated to just Mukbang videos is pretty damn scary!

Is this what we do for entertainment now? Really? Is this what we are cheering on? I’ve seen a whole lot of seriously, morbidly obese people do this. Okay so we are encouraging them to kill themselves faster for our pleasure? I swear I want the world to stop so I can get off. Everyday I see crazy stuff and I don’t think it can’t get worse but apparently it can!!! Frankly putting hot sauce in my eyes would most definitely be more entertaining!

This is so unhealthy. I want you to watch this compilation of unhealthy Mukbangers. It is scary. They also get paid to do it by men with fetishes. It’s bloody tragic really.

It’s been a crap time with all this pain. Plus I went to the dentist. Ugh. I just thought I’d give us all a brain break from the negative crap. Also you can count on me to find all the off the wall, crazy stuff! I’m going to start peppering my blog with posts about the crazy world we exist in!

Now please don’t attempt this at home!!! If you do please let us know so we can watch! ( I kid. This is dangerous). Hope you all have an awesome day!

Here is an article about Mukbang for extra info if you’re interested.