Lockdown Day 4 : What day is it? What have I become …?Covid birthday party and more…

It’s Day 4 of the lockdown and apparently your body develops a whole other routine! Who am I even? I stay up till early hours of the morning and have developed a massive appetite! How did this happen so quickly? This is my new normal and it’s anything but normal!

On Saturday hubby and I were at odds. Bound to happen. His routine is confused too. I grew up with my mother throwing all the windows in the house open at the crack of dawn. Hubby not so much. So I have this thing where the patio door is ALWAYS open during the day. It was a bit chilly but chilly or not I want the fresh air. Now you need to understand… He had the heater on and was wearing a jersey! He closed the patio door… “Nooo open that door!” I screeched. “But, but it’s cold!” he protested. “Go get yourself a blanket” I barked. “During the day this door stays open unless it’s raining. Those are the rules” I said. And so the first clashing of routines started …

It was hubs’ birthday on Saturday. I made sure he had things to BBQ. I know how much he loves that. He hadn’t had much time to partake in his favourite pastime… well with the lockdown we have time for those things. I didn’t want it to be dreary. I wanted it to be special. I made salads and bread for the BBQ as I would if we had had visitors over. I got out of my lockdown uniform (pajamas), got dressed and threw on some make-up. Finally at 41 hubs used filters for the first time πŸ˜‚. We actually had alot of fun playing with the filters! Lockdown birthday success! We made the best of a crappy situation. We can bitch and moan but that’s just going to make you more miserable. I guess you should check in on day 10 to see if I am still on this party bus! πŸ˜‚ Trying times indeed…

When the world goes mad… join them!

So we somehow have found ourselves in this new routine of eating, binging on t.v or series and Netflix and napping. So bizarre for both of us! We aren’t big eaters but all of a sudden here we are pigging out. Napping at 8pm. I became acutely aware of my gluttony last night. I reflected on it. I felt bad because there are people living in poverty and here I was being hedonistic. Gross Tracey. Gross. I’ve decided that since we have a big terrace I am going to start working on my fitness and set goals for how many steps I’m going to do a day. But not today. Today I cleaned. Fervently. I’ve become a sloth but I wanted to be a sloth in a clean space! So good luck to me. I’m going to have to dig deep but I felt sooo guilty about my lockdown persona that I will institute the mandatory walking. Jussst not today! Maybe not tomorrow either πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So accurate!

I had a good convo with my Neshama today. She is also my life coach. Always helping me reach epiphanies and full of sage advice. I’ve asked her to blog! Her son, my Godson has grown into an amazing young man. I call him my unicorn. He cooks and cleans… amazing person all round. You don’t find many young men like this. He was a good kid and became an amazing young man. I’ve told her to start a “how to raise a unicorn” blog! πŸ˜‚ She is in Australia and told me how she helped a lady with buying fresh veg. It ended up with a group around her. Not surprised.

Well here is a ProTip from my Neshama that she shared with these shoppers. You can buy your fresh veg and pop it in a freezer bag with olive oil or butter and freeze! I particularly love the asparagus idea! Pop your asparagus into a freezer bag with butter and seasoning like salt, pepper and garlic. You can then simply whip it out and pop in the microwave! Brilliant! If any of you have some advice for the rest of us, please leave a comment so I can share the info!

Everything is eerily quiet. I kinda like it. I’m enjoying my new normal… how long that enjoyment will last is questionable. Mainly because today I considered ironing. Clothes. Yes, I actually considered doing ironing. Something I haven’t done in 10 years! Since there are no domestic workers we are forced to do these things ourselves. I’m pretty ok with all the cleaning but ironing kills my back. I cannot believe I actually happily contemplated ironing today. Who am I even?

I’d love to know what you’re all up to during this time! Are you contemplating ironing? Have you had your first clash with your significant other or others you are on lockdown with? How many naps do you take a day?

It’s Day 4 but this whole weekend I had no sense of time… no idea what day it was. I just went with it. There is no point in fighting the lockdown! So I will just embrace my new normal but tweak it a little to include some yoga and walking around the terrace… just not today. Here’s hoping it happens tomorrow! There is something about a lockdown that just makes you a lazy ass… on social media, binging on shows and food and random napping. I’m allowing myself this for now… I’m sure cabin fever will hit and I will become more active. I hope. πŸ˜‚

Stay safe out there… or in there… whichever one it is. Thank you to our essential services folk who are trying to keep things running during these difficult times! I salute you!


7 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 4 : What day is it? What have I become …?Covid birthday party and more…

  1. Ah hun
    Loved the read, I honestly think humanity needs to see this situation as a way to reinvent social bonding without the reliance on technology. Isn’t life ironic, the one time we all need to rely on technology alone to keep us all connected, without having to do so physically ….. is the one time we all go cuckoo and now we want the freedom of movement and social gathering etc.
    In my humble opinion, this crisis is the perfect opportunity for us all to come to terms with pros and cons of social media and technological platforms of social connectivity.
    Now is the time to embrace our significant others presence, our kids presence and how the limitation of movement can enhance the reality of actual physical connectivity whether socially or with regard to everyday living.
    We have the opportunity to recover our lost selves, by really seeing the world and the people around us, as opposed to having our faces buried in technological devices. It is at times like this, when we learn to realise that sitting down with people and making eye contact and engaging in conversation, is more meaningful than we realised.
    Psychologically humans crave social interaction and engagement the brain becomes reinvigorated when engaging in human contact. So reach out to those you love. Have a cup of coffee in your lounge and them in their lounge and chat, Skype or FaceTime. Whichever way you can, reconnect, share ideas, recipes live, love and laugh often.
    My challenge to you is to challenge your readers, to reach out and connect, through emails, Skype or whatever. Each one dropping a line or comment on something positive they took away from their experience and each one giving a challenge to their group to repeat, post and speak about.
    Such as challenging someone to paint/draw a picture (the task for the week); those involved need to post their picture and progress by the end of the week. Discuss the pictures what you liked whether it was the picture itself, or the story behind the picture, or the colours, or the title… etc.
    Each week create a new challenge….. need help or ideas, talk to me.
    It’s something we can all be a part of, its a way to pass time, its a way to keep ourselves stimulated and above all its a way to maintain our sanity.

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