Lockdown Day 5: A message from a friend gives me a different perspective on the lockdown…

Hello Inmates! It’s Day 5. What day of the week it is? No idea. I had to go check my phone for this info. I guess it’s because there’s no point? Where am I going? What appointments or get togethers am I going to? “To the window! To the wall!” Yeah that’s about it. In my lockdown uniform … my PJs. The talking to I gave myself about binging seems to have worked. No binging. Oh please… who am I kidding!? I don’t have amazing willpower like that! I didn’t binge because I’ve started feeling really unwell and don’t have an appetite. Not that appetite comes in to play when you binge. I watched 2 episodes of “My 600 pound life” this morning. You know, to give myself a warning and hopefully put me off binging and get exercising.

After reading my blog a friend of mine sent me a message. She needed to vent. Venting is important you guys! Don’t become emotionally constipated during this time! Like I said to her “I don’t want to see you on the news in handcuffs!”. She’s happy for me to share her message with you. It made me grateful for my situation! It’s really not that bad! She is hilarious and man… she kills me! In a good way! So here we go….

Day 4 and i am pulling my hair out.. Started home schooling kids today. They are so bored and happily obliged for two hours… This new normal is so abnormal. We hubby and i try to keep some sort of routine.. Start working at 7am and work until 4:40pm..tough though with kids running around and wanting attention especially my 4 year old. I love having my hubby and kids around me but I hate this working from home.. It is not your normal working from home while kids are at school.. I feel it imposes on my sanctuary.. Home is where i focus on my kids and hubby but my sanctuary is interrupted by zoom meetings fone calls and egos of people who wants to use this abnormal time to shine… Get a grip already nobody cares. We all just want to come out of this pandemic alive.

I really want to exercise and be healthy but using my cabin fever to eat
I have a sudden urge to bake all the time. Watching my bread rolls rise in the oven excites me and gives me a sense of achievement… I juggle the pieces that makes up this new normal.. I laugh about it.. I sent jokes and memes as if it was religious… But i am not okay. I am losing my mind… I need to feel normal and it is only day 4….

I do however mind peace in my prayers. Lockdown gives me an opportunity to make my 5 daily prayers on time… Sorry long post but needed to get it out of my system

It was amazing to hear how her lockdown was different because of the dynamics involved. It’s funny how we are having to adjust to the lockdown in a way that suits our own households. Finding our own “new normal” in all of this. God knows I couldn’t do what she is doing. I’m sure many of you have great lockdown stories to share! If you would like to share your “a day in the life of” of your own home please send it to me and I will publish it here. We need to help keep each other sane!!

I just loved that she gets excited for the bread rolls in the oven 😂😂😂. That was incredibly funny and made me belly laugh! The downside is she made we want bloody bread rolls and I made her send me the recipe. This will not end well. I don’t even really eat carbs but all of a sudden…. caarrrbs!🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️ I hope you enjoyed her message as much as I did!

Mental health is a massive side effect to this lockdown. Please vent. I’m here to listen if you need someone. All jokes aside this is a really trying time. In South Africa we cannot even go outside for a run or walk your dog. It’s brutal but also necessary to make sure we flatten the curve. To date we’ve only had 3 corona virus deaths. Let’s keep it low but let’s also be mindful of mental health issues at this time.

I’ve started feeling fluey. This morning hubs wanted me to go be tested. Right now I’m feeling alot more shite than I did this morning. I believe it’s the flu but my family have made no bones about it. Go get checked. I’m on immunosuppressents and this is freaking my family and friends out who are now insisting I be tested. I’m afraid of exposing myself to possibles at the testing stations. Catch 22. I could just have the flu but with my immune system I could pick up the actual virus at a testing station. Even writing this post was really hard because I’m starting to feel like I have malaise… I’ve been taking paracetamol for my fevers. Let’s see how I feel in the morning.

Let’s avoid emotional constipation that might lead to some breakdowns and VENT! Contact someone and get your feelings out! The rise in depression has increased as per news reports. I read a great article about the emotional state of the world right now. I will try and find it and post it here. If you want to tell me about what lockdown is like in your house, please feel free to message me. It would be great to post our lockdown stories and have it stored in a post that we can hopefully go back and laugh at when this is all over.

Stay safe! I will update you about me getting tested. Fingers crossed!


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