Lockdown Day 11: Critical Global News you missed because of Corona coverage

Lockdown has got me going loco! I’ve developed lockdown loco. Since we live up on a hill against the nature reserve, we’ve been having many little visitors. Of the insect kind. In our house I am the go to person for these intruders. Hubs literally shrieks when insects visit. Okay, fine the insects are big. They’re insects on steroids. Massive creatures! I’ve started taking pics of them! Nat Geo happening here. I might just make some David Attenborough type videos!

I ate a bit of egg. Talk about living on the edge lockdown style! I’m allergic to eggs so that was a dumbass move. I suffered the consequences of giving myself poison afterward. Yes, I’m still allergic to eggs. That experiment went horribly wrong. I’m confused about days. Is it Monday or lockdown day 11. I think I’m going more by lockdown days.

While we are engrossed in lockdown coverage the world still turns. Things are happening around us but we are so focused on Corona coverage that we’ve missed some critical global news. I’ve provided a link to give you an update on what you’ve missed. I hope this gives you some reprieve from the anxiety of all the scary Corona coverage. Don’t want you ending up with lockdown loco! I have however seen some really bizarre lockdown loco stuff that I will share later this week.

Critical Global News you missed https://youtu.be/1b51YxCX29A

Have you gone lockdown loco yet? Feel free to share your stories. Stay safe out there!


2 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 11: Critical Global News you missed because of Corona coverage

  1. Lmaoooo. Gosh I love you to pieces, lockdown loco and NatGeo Wild 👌😂😂😂

    That said however, I am going to start a daily challenge page, where people have design a signature non alcoholic beverage, then find an item of clothing ready for tossing away, and reconstruct it into something useful. Write a short story in the fantasy genre…… learn to crochet, paint a picture, design a three course lockdown meal….. 😉

    How does that all sound


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