Lockdown Day umm: Quarantine hair, Help you can use for kids’ mental health, lockdown with your concubines and a covert operation.

Let me say that I almost, almost ugly cried when the President announced that the lockdown would be extended. Instead I just sat there in horror. My rational mind says this needs to be done but we are human after all. Everything is crazy and the feeling of normalcy is what we all crave. So yes, I will continue to adhere to lockdown rules but in my heart… yeah a story for another day!

What is your hair looking like these days? Horrid. My hair is like a rats nest in a bush. I eventually decided to take control of crazy bag lady hair. Certainly not a good look! Are you shaving your legs? Asking for a friend 😂 Some people are still getting dressed up, full face of make up for selfies. Oh no not I. My pajamas is my lockdown uniform. Aint no shame in my pajamas game! I thought you’d might like this. Great read about quarantine hair! Which one are you??? https://cupofjo.com/2020/04/quarantine-hair/

What is lockdown if you’re super rich? Why you go to an expensive hotel with your wives AND concubines! Duh! This insane story is linked here. Lockdown. Different strokes for different strokes I guess. When thinking of people living in poverty this is gross. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/inside-insane-life-king-20-21781728?utm_source

Mental health is becoming a very important part of what is happening in the world today. I am researching this to do a blog about it. It’s killing us adults but it’s also getting to kids. My 2 year old niece gets really upset. The park is across the road but she can only go as far as the gates. She can see park but not play in it. Brutal. We had a video call and when she saw hubs and I she burst out crying. She has been sending voice notes begging us to come to Cape Town. Luckily she is a smart cookie and understands that the President said there is a lockdown but she also said she was just really sick of this lockdown now! Kids are having a tough time. Here is an article to help you with helping kids through this difficult time. https://movingpartspsychotherapy.com/blog/2020/4/10/helping-kids-cope-with-covid-19

I’ve been getting better at exercising… albeit resistance bands exercise while sitting on the couch. I’m happy to say that my lockdown gluttony has subsided some. I still have no sense of time/days etc. I was going by lockdown days but since the President extended it, it basically set the clock all the way back to counting down another 21 days! We’re in this together. I’d still love to hear your lockdown stories so please drop me an e-mail.

Thought I’d share some random lockdown stuff with you. Stay safe and try to stay sane!

Ps: Story unfolding of a neighbour contravening lockdown in a really messed up way! Come back for that story… unfolding as we speak. We are busy gathering information. Spoiler alert… a disgusting lack of respect for the lockdown making him try something very illegal!! Watch this space! Taking him down!!!


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