Lockdown: Latest message from my friend

I’ve got to say, my friend’s messages give me life! She never fails to make me laugh! She keeps it real and I totally love that. This is such a difficult time. Mentally it’s taking a massive toll on us. There is nothing better than a good laugh to break the feelings of depression and hopelessness. I really look forward to her messages! She is so expressive and man can she tell a story! So without further ado… here is the latest message she sent me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hey girl. Hope you are well. It is lockdown day number……. I actually dont know what day it is. I had it all together doing a countdown. Had numbers up on the kids homework board and all… I was locking things down taking it in my stride until President Cyril Ramastaypozi announced the extension. I actually rolled into a fetal position trying not to breakdown.. Now imagine baby elephant in a blue hoodie in a fetal position.. Stranger things have happened 😂 The lockdown is necessary and i adhere to it religiously since i am considered vulnerable due to my asthma. It makes me mad seeing idiots not adhere.. Walking their dogs, going for a run.. Oh they must run cos you know vitality points and all.. Idiot when you dead no one will care whether you are on diamond status or not! I hate that my life depends on other people’s common sense… Or lack thereof… Anyway i am just cranking.. I have the worst cabin fever ever…. In fact it is so bad i really wanted to go visit my outlawz ….WTF…On a serious note this is a crazy hectic time that can break even the strongest person.. I love my home I love being with my hubby and kids.. But this new normal has me being anxious… And fearful… The uncertainty of what is going to happen after lockdown weighs heavily on my mind… Thankfully i am surrounded by my loved ones.. Daily video calls from those i cant be with.. The sharing of memes and blogs as awesome as yours gives me a sense of belonging.. A sense of somewhat normality…. My kids have upped their game in driving me crazy.. My hubby annoys me.. I am still baking like there is a competition to be won. In all this i have learnt not to silence my mind but go into the depths of mind where it is silent and just linger there for a bit. It makes things easier. I can exhale.Thank you for a great blog
Love you so much….
P. S will not be visiting the outlawz.. Over that moment of madness😂😂. One love Trace ❤

Love this woman to bits! She makes so many valid points about our sanity, about our anxiety around life post-lockdown. I’m sure alot of us can relate.Keep those messages coming friend! 😂

Let’s be there for each other during this difficult time. Some of my friends have really kept me going. Being able to confide in your friend for hours but also talk absolute crap where you just laugh… more like cackle is an amazing part of this. There are no distractions. Things to do. Places to go. We have more time to dedicate to our frienships. To those friends. Thank you. Love you!


2 thoughts on “Lockdown: Latest message from my friend

    1. I don’t think I can deal! I’m going to be focusing on mental health in the upcoming week. It’s becoming a real problem. We have never faced anything like this. It really is a trying time. It rained today so I couldn’t walk on the terrace. I don’t even like walking but I was really upset by that. I’ve been aiming to get exercise religiously everyday now to help with my mental state. This new normal is so bizarre


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