Lockdown: The Kids Conundrum

Now I may not be a mom but I have I have lots of babies (some of them are grown but are still my babies. Always will be) in my life. I have the amazing role of being adored, the fun aunt/godmother, the confidant and so much more … plus no disciplining! Although I have been known to use psychology on the little ones 😂. I am missing them all terribly. It’s been too long. They call me, video call me, message me and send me videos. I LIVE for this! I absolutely revel in these moments. For now this is the best I’m going to get … And I will take It!

So I know alot of you are going nuts with your kids. I can only begin to imagine. I’ve been hearing stories. They seem to be getting erm how shall we say… more creative as lockdown goes on 😂! My almost 3 year old niece Gigi is one little smarty pants. Always shocking me. Well she’s gotten creative with her friend who lives next door. They’ve started drawing pictures for each other and throwing them over the wall. They have also been throwing chocolates and other goodies over the wall. I love this. At least it gives her the feeling of playing with her friend albeit in a new way. Apparently she calls for her friend sometimes and she doesn’t respond. She then carries on screaming “Rebecca” until everyone groans and are like “Gigi for the love of everything holy be quiet!” Her response? “I think Rebecca has no more words”. Man I love the things that come out of kids’ mouths!

To all of you soldiering on with kids in your homes I salute you! As much as I love them I couldn’t possibly do lockdown on someone else’s time clock! It would make me go insane so much faster than I am now! And I’m really losing it! So here’s some fun, crazy and maybe helpful stuff for you. Single parents… I double salute you! If you have any great stories, please comment. I’m really enjoying the stories about what your kids are getting up to!!

This is priceless!!!
I know this feeling!
Great idea!
You know how they get when they get hold of these bottles!!!
Even in my house ….
I’m sure you can relate 😂
Classic Gigi back in the day!

I hope you all stay sane! Praying hard that this lockdown is not extended. Good luck now that you’ve had to put on the extra hat of being a teacher as well! Strongs Parents!!! You all deserve danger pay! Hopefully you’ll all look back on this and laugh. Hopefully. 😂😂


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