Lupus Awareness Month! Lupus and connective tissue problems.

I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and both have caused me problems with my connective tissue. Think of the sinew over meat. It’s that stuff. When that contracts it makes your muscles contract. The pain is beyond excruciating. It takes alot of work to keep it in check. This is why I go for physio every week, preferably twice a week. They need to keep working out the tightness.

Physio is so important. I needed to have it because it makes a massive difference. It helps loosen the connective tissue and helps with flexibility because your flexibility is affected. Here’s an excerpt about Lupus and Connective Tissue Disorders from the professionals at HealthLine.

I think it explains it pretty well and how dangerous it is with Lupus. With Lupus you have lots of overlap disorders, especially other autoimmune diseases. It’s pretty scary sometimes. That’s why I felt I needed to share this. Because I am living this and I can tell you when it gets bad the pain takes over your life. Hubs will say “we need to go to the doctor, I cant see you sitting here massaging your neck all day”. And I do. All day. Hoping for some relief. It is so debilitating but again it’s not something people can see.

Damn I’m suffering right now! Finally can see my physio and she said we have alot of work to do. If you only know the pain I’ve been going through for weeks. It’s enough to drive you friggin insane. So look forward to posts about all the treatment I will be going through to get this settled.

I will be posting about Lupus during May as it’s Awareness month. I started this blog to bring awareness to Lupus. I’m going to try my best to educate and demystify the horrific monster called Lupus.

Please show some love and rally and spread the Lupus posts on blog to as many people as you know! Let’s get the word out! We DESERVE a cure! No pressure but massive thanks if you are sharing! MUCH LOVE!πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Stay Safe!


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