Covid Chronicles : Part 1

I’m sure some of you have been wondering where in the world I’ve been! Last year was a pretty brutal year for me health wise. Physical and Mental. I’m not in locked down, I’m locked in.

Having co-morbidites and a very, very low immune system because of the immunosuppressants, meant that going out in public was impossible. Having friends over was impossible. I’m sure alot of you have felt the strain in your own ways (I would love to hear your stories). I haven’t been to a restaurant in a year! A whole year!

In South Africa we quickly went into a hard lockdown. And boy was it hard. Things like cigarettes and alcohol were banned… Well South Africans are known for “making a plan”. Illicit cigarette trade was rampant and people were getting creative making their own alcohol. We have a high rate of poverty here and the lockdown meant alot of people could not go and work, specifically domestic help, gardeners, anyone who got paid daily really. It became so dire I heard stories about people knocking on doors for chicken skins to make their family a meal.

Covid has really challenged us in so many ways. We are all adapting to the new normal. People are suffering from Covid fatigue. Suicide rates are hitting an all time high. Some people have lost everything and alot of people lost several loved ones. As I’m typing this I’m actually about to go into another zoom funeral. My uncle passed away from Covid. He fought for two weeks. The last time his wife saw him was before he went into hospital. Obviously because he had Covid she was unable to see him. Worst of all she could not get to say goodbye when he died.

Covid is cruel. I really battle with this part. People dying alone. Loved ones not being able to hold them for one last time. To touch their faces. I know alot of you have lost loved ones and I am incredibly sorry about this. My heart goes out to you. People have lost more than just one family member.

I had to change my chemo last year and I became incredibly ill. I literally suffered with an inflamed colon for 3 months. Broth was the easiest to get down. Broth! It drove me nuts. I’m a foodie and man, broth ain’t it. It became dire when I lost 12kgs in 2 months. My rheumatologist knows how I struggle with weight loss so he contacted my Gastro/hepatic specialist who had me admitted to hospital a.s.a.p. Three gastro specialists saw me. They ran all the tests they could and found nothing wrong with my organs. Good news but we still didn’t have an answer. It came down to it being systemic. Meaning that there was some system malfunction. Hello Lupus.

Life became so challenging. Depressing. I felt like I was straddling the abyss. I knew I needed to take control or fall in. I was not prepared to fall in. That is not in my nature. I’m a fighter and that’s exactly what I was going to do.

There was some good that came out of Covid for me. It gave me time to reflect on myself my relationships and what kind of life I wanted to have. I sure as hell had enough time to contemplate and spend time on introspection. This has taken me on a continuing journey to live my best life.

I am eager to share this with you in part two of this post. Blogging has become very painful for me. My right side of my neck and shoulder go into such spasm it’s unbearable. Right now I’m dealing with a pain flare threatening to rear it’s ugly head, so I’m taking it easy. I do not want to poke that dragon!

It’s been forever! I’d love if you could drop me a comment on how Covid has been for you. I love that I have readers from across the globe! That’s why I’m so interested in hearing what it’s been like for YOU in your country!

Stay blessed!

Part 2 coming tomorrow. You do not want to miss this! My journey in setting boundaries and learning to say No!


15 thoughts on “Covid Chronicles : Part 1

  1. I have shared many of my thoughts of covid 19 with you. Last year was just the pits. I lost 3 people very close to me. Death is inevitable but covid stripped us of the privilege to bid a dignified farewell. Funerals via zoom, birthdays via zoom and also weddings. What a miss the most is that human touch, that human interaction without the barrier of the mask
    Sometimes we throw caution to the wind and steal that hug and kiss but it comes with a price. Days sometimes weeks of anxiously mulling over what if. Every sneeze, sniffle or cough could potentially be the sign of the onset of this monster. My health suffered in 2020 and it was not covid. I spent two occasions in hospital away from my loved ones.. Spending each day worrying if I would see the next, will I wake up from my surgery and will I see my family again. It was not all bad.. I learnt to appreciate my life my health more. I learnt that my family and their presence is priceless. I learnt to find humor within this dark space and spent hours writing comic accounts of my experiences…. I hate covid with every fibre of my being but I am in a space where I can now look on the positive side and celebrate the goodness in this crazy thunderstorm. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us… I love you my friend
    You kept me sane many times during my lowest periods of covid.

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    1. We need a real catch up!
      I know it’s been hard for you my friend. I hear you about death and funerals
      I just watched another YouTube funeral. My uncle… you close the laptop and it’s over. No being with family. Its cold. It makes it hard to grieve because I just watched a video. It doesn’t feel real. It was just a movie right? What i love most about you and something we share…. being able to find humour in these dark times. Please keep in touch. Love you Shawns…


  2. Wow. So sorry you have had to go through all these. Sending you Abba’s love and a big hug.
    I pray for healing for you and strength in every part of your body. Do stay safe. You are not alone – Jesus is with you. ❤

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  3. Praying for you, Tracey – for divine health to flow through your body and for His peace to guard your heart and your mind. Thank you for sharing how awful it is for you – I have personally not suffered, except in missing connection and touch terribly. My heart breaks for those unable to be in hospital with their loved ones, even on their deathbed. That is such a tragedy! Bless you Tracey – thank you for your resilience and your refusal to give up! Put on His armour and fight in the name of Jesus. x

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    1. Dawn, thank you so much for this message. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I love this message. Amen to everything you said! Its important to soldier on and thats what I’m trying to do. I’m trying really hard. Much love Dawn💜


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