Amber, Johnny, and THAT psychiatrist…

I introduced my hubby to watching YouTube. Big mistake. My house has been overtaken by the constant watching of videos related to the trial. It’s bad. Really bad. He is addicted and a little too emotionally invested…

I have actually created a playlist for him and curated good videos for him to watch. This dude must have watched every minute of this trial. Naturally, there were a lot of discussions about things that came up.

Oh Johnny, you silly man you. You’ve been with Vanessa Paradis for what feels like forever but then a new, shiny thing appears, and he was drawn to her like a magpie wanting the shiny little thing. I’m sorry but the generational gap is huge here and it was bound to cause problems. You’re playing with a little girl who is not on your level. You left your wife of 14 years and kids for her? Well now, here we are.

They are both culpable in this. Johnny was no saint. Amber however is shrewd. She may be young, but she is smart! They both used drugs, but I love how she frames her drug use… “You know we took the lovey stuff like shrooms and MDMA” Implying that her drug use is different from Johnny’s. Who knows what she partook in.? I just love the way she played it. Lovey drugs. Give me a break. Drug use is drug use, young lady.

This has opened the much-needed dialogue about domestic abuse in men and how they are silent. It’s evident in how she taunts him to go tell people he is a domestic violence survivor. Disgusting. She’s not very likable either. Her face is off-putting. I know that sounds mean but it’s just the vibe I get from her.

I hope this opens a floodgate for men to start seeking help. Amber is the one who set women’s rights back. She lied. So many women battle to be believed and then people like this come along. Also, she took a shit in his bed. In his bed! What the actual…. That is not normal not even as a prank. I come from a family of pranksters who do really crazy stuff but pooing in your own bed actually… Dear Lord and then you blame the poor doggy.

The whole donation versus pledge had me. Shall we pull out the Merriam Webster here for you? This irritated me to no end. Especially since I watched so many videos of her on talk shows telling them she actually donated the money! Now she’s saying it’s for her legal defense. You got that money when again? Do remind us.

It speaks volumes about her character that only her sister was there to support and testify on her behalf. Johnny had so many people who came forward for him. That’s a true testament to his character. He is flawed. He falls off the wagon, but he does try to get back on and that’s important. Never in any of the recordings does she refer to him hitting her or assaulting her. In court, it’s a different story. Besides… Johnny and Amber’s fighting is just wrong. That’s like kicking your Granddad’s ass. Literally. He is old enough to be her Grandad and when you hear how messed up he sounds in the recordings… it would be easy to take him!

My favourite part by far was her psychiatrist. Who by the way, I think has set the mental health community back!

Oh, Doctor Spiegel. Or Smegal ad I prefer to him.

What an absolute farce. It was incredibly hilarious but at the same time pretty scary. This person is entrusted with people’s mental health. He is a licensed Doctor who has studied for years and obviously passed, or he wouldn’t be a doctor – prescribing medication.

The way this guy carried on. Who the hell thought “THIS is the guy we need to PAY to testify for us!”? I mean… Did you meet him in person before you gave him an offer? This is like that weird uncle you don’t see all the time but when you do it’s “Yup I see Uncle Alfred is still weird”.

He looks like he talks to people in elevators. Like he turns around and faces everyone in it and loudly proclaims ” And soooo how has everyone’s day been???” Whilst wildly smacking his lips and tongue.


I feel like he can make the banalest situation awkward.

What was with the dry mouth and contortions! My first thought was “what the hell is he on? Dry mouth like that? Tics and contortions? Nah … he must’ve popped a little something, something!

He is actually a member of the APA (American Psychiatric Association (not to be confused with the American Psychology Association (get exact words). I would love to know what his role is in it!

The way he got stuck on semantics drove me around the bend!

I love how these types underestimate and really insult our intelligence.

He doesn’t just answer the question outright…. no, he must take you on a long, winding road of what he considers to be his brilliant mind.

He peppers it with snarkiness and sarcasm trying to come off with an air of superiority. The only way he comes off is as a total ass, a complete fool, and a total lack of credibility.

This guy is meant to be a leader in the game what with his qualifications and experience. There is no fool like an old fool. So damn true.

He was so combative! I wanted to pull out a doll and ask, “show me where the bad man hit you!” Okay, we get it. You’re a board-certified psychiatrist. Now act like one.

The judge literally had to tell him to “just answer the questions” because he couldn’t simply answer a question. He had to put on a display… look at me!

We are looking but for all the wrong reasons!

This is obvious by his inability to self-regulate or self-soothe. Instead, it’s him acting out, very unprofessionally with his offside remarks, weird flailing arms, strange tic-like movements, contortions of his face, and asking the judge “do I have to answer that?”

Good God. A real train wreck but you just can’t stop watching because anything could happen!

He looks to the jury. Maybe they will respect him more, right? The plebs without his qualifications. That’s where he thinks he will look important and superior because the lawyers and the judge are rolling their eyes at this point.

You can’t just make statements without being able to back them up. With truth. Not an embellishment or twisting of the truth to suit the narrative you want everyone to buy into.

Unfortunately for Amber she just comes off as unlikable. Her attorney. well, she didn’t really have good comebacks. Not like Camille! I just loved her! So does hubby… you listen to her set up the story and then hubby says “here it comes! Here it comes!”. Without fail. Oh boy.

When I actually realised that she responds to the jury, it became awkward and weird watching her do that! Who prepped them for this trial? They all seem to speak directly to the jury. I watched a video where an anonymous jury member said it made them feel awkward that the answers were directed at them – that they were speaking directly to them. Just watch a bit of it. Once you know what to look for … you can’t unsee and it’s incredibly awkward to watch!

I’m in for more this weekend. Well, let’s see if he chooses F1 racing over the trial. He will probably just record it. Give me a second while I roll my eyes. Luckily have some catching up to do this weekend so he can have at it.

I will probably be back with a roundup. I mean I’m constantly being fed new information!

The next blog I’m working on is something I really love. Crime. Especially the really bizarre ones that don’t really make the news. Well, this one is absolutely crazy. I had to blog about it (will turn it into a podcast for those who want to listen to the story) because I have never heard something so crazy, and I cannot believe it is not all over the news!

You won’t have to wait long. You know, hubby and his TV time this weekend!

Sending you light and love

Stay safe!

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