She was fused into the couch after sitting there for 12 years… The horrific story of Lacey Fletcher

Warning Graphic Content

January 3rd at 2am 911 received a call. On the phone was a woman who said her daughter “was not breathing and required medical assistance”. She mentioned they had been away and came back and found her not breathing.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene. Upon entry, they were struck with a stench so repugnant permeating the house that they couldn’t breathe. They knew immediately that something was horribly wrong. They had no idea what they were actually in for. A scene more gruesome than they could ever have imagined.

The small town of Slaughter, population of only 900 people would never be the same again. As they walked into the lounge, they found a half-naked, emaciated woman sitting on a couch in the middle of the family room, covered in feces, maggots, sores, ulcers, urine, insects, insect bites and matted hair. Dead. Her name was Lacy Fletcher.

Lacey was on the autism spectrum but was high functioning. She went to school, played volleyball, and regularly attended church worship services. Her parents claimed, that when she was about Grade 9 her social anxiety became so bad, that they had to home school her. Again, a case with a child being home schooled who suffered abuse/neglect.  Not enough is being done in my opinion to ensure that kids are being properly home schooled and there is no abuse happening. There should be a better monitoring system in place!

Neighbours said that they noticed a regression in Lacey while she was being home-schooled. She was not progressing the same as her peers and was more interested in childlike things, like her love for Disney movies. Eventually, her friends moved on. The last time Lacey was seen was when she was about 21. She was seen walking with weights – take note of these little bits in the story because it provides evidence contradicting what her parents claimed. Robert Blade, a neighbour had at one point asked how she was doing as he hadn’t seen her in a long time. Was she away at college, had she gotten married or moved away? This is also important because this tells you how able-bodied her neighbours considered her to be.

On the outside of the home, it looked perfectly normal.  It was very well kept and had a perfectly manicured lawn but what was found inside was quite the opposite.  The first responders actually called the coroner when they saw Lacey. She was beyond any help. The coroner who had been one for 30 years said this was the worst case of neglect he had seen “I opened the door, walked into the house. There was a stench. An odor of feces, fecal matter and urine. You couldn’t hold your breath”.  The coroner was reported not to be able to eat for a week after and cried all the time.


Lacey was found sitting upright with her legs underneath her, in a pool of feces and urine in a hole in the couch.  It is estimated that she had been sitting there for 12 years! She was basically “melted into the couch” as per the paramedics.  She wasn’t wearing anything except a little top that was too small for her.  There was also liquid excrement pooled underneath her.  It was so bad, that the wooden flooring under the couch was warped and lifting from the constant flow of feces and urine AND rodent excrement dripping down through the couch.  This shows how long she must have been there for! Wait. Rodent excrement? As in mice or rats? As in possibly nibbling on her?

Lacey was covered from head to toe in her own feces.  It was found in her hair, which was very badly matted and infested with insects, in her ears, smeared on her whole body and face and some was even found in her mouth.  From sitting there for so long she had developed bedsores that went all the way to the bone! Her bone was literally visible. She had rotting sores and ulcers all the way from her feet to her buttocks.  She was rotting into the couch, sitting in a pool of urine and feces with open sores and ulcers.  She was also covered in maggots and insects and was covered in insect bites.  Just a reminder.  This was in the living room! In the middle of the house. Not in the basement or a room, in fact, her mother had a recliner next to Lacey! When asked about the odour when paramedics first arrived, they had no response. The coroner noted that her father was emotionless and her mother cried a little. You are not fooling anyone anymore lady.

The autopsy noted that she died from:

  • Severe medical neglect.
  • Chronic Malnutrition
  • Acute Starvation
  • And because of her “immobility”, she had developed ulcers, bed sores, and a bone infection that caused sepsis
  • She also had Covid!!!!

Her death was determined to be “Homicide by medical neglect”.  The autopsy also revealed that this woman had sofa foam and fecal matter in her stomach.  What the hell.  Again, pay attention to these details when you hear what the parents had to say.  This poor woman was so hungry she was eating the damn couch and feces.

I cannot believe how much suffering she must have gone through… Those bed sores and ulcers must have been awfully painful but get this… Her parents said that she “never complained”.  She was now 36 and had not seen a doctor in 20 years! There was no need to.  So, the last time 36-year-old Lacey had seen a doctor was when she was 16?  This is mind-blowing to me. 

The parents let’s get to these sick, sick people.

Her parents claimed that they cleaned her and brought her meals. They say she went to the toilet on towels on the floor next to her and that she was of sound mind when she died.  They claimed there was no need for her to see a doctor because she never complained about the sores and ulcers.

These two pulled off a life of being great citizens.  The parents were known to be in Church every Sunday and the mother was an assistant to the District Attorney.  She had previously worked as a clerk of the court as well. She was also an Alderman here is a little definition for those of us who had no idea what it actually is.

(… aldermen shall be the representatives of the people of their wards at the city council meetings. The aldermen shall be responsible to the people of their wards and the citizens of the city for their actions at council meetings. Source: )

This means she had access to assistance for help with her daughter.  So many avenues for her to get help with her daughter.  This just makes it even more sickening and egregious to me.  The father worked for a Non-Profit.  What stellar members of the community!  Friends and colleagues didn’t even know she had a daughter! Even looking at the pictures of them, they don’t look scary… but very often monsters don’t.

Apparently, they had gone to a doctor in 2010 WITHOUT Lacey, saying her social anxiety was getting really bad.  The doctor then asked them to bring her in and have her admitted.  This never happened nor did the doctor ever hear from them again.  Why did he not follow up on this? In my mind, they couldn’t bring her in because she was already in a bad state.  If her anxiety was that severe surely, they could have her sedated and take her to the hospital for treatment.  Remember, she also had Autism.  Apparently, as she became a teenager she regressed, and her Autism became worse… but they never took her to a doctor so who actually knows if it was true. 

How did she become immobile if she was walking with weights at the age of 21…?

What has also been thrown around, apparently emanating from the parents is that she had “Locked-in Syndrome”.  This is a neurological disease where muscle movement is lost, and the person can only move their eyes.  Oh please.  There are so many things that contradict this.

How was she going to the toilet on towels on the floor if she couldn’t move?

If you brought her meals, and she was “locked-in” then how did you expect her to eat when you went away on a vacation the week before!

She was eating the couch.  She was being “brought meals” which means she ate by herself.

“She was of sound mind”.  There are so many things so wrong with this statement. So this means she was speaking or communicating in some way.

“She never complained about the sores” – this meant that she was verbal when she died.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Nothing makes sense!

What is apparent, however, is that Lacey had been sitting, marinating in a POOL of her own feces and urine for 12 years.  She was clearly not moved from this space in what is estimated to be 12 years.  This is why she had developed all these ulcers, and pressure sores ( bedsores).  These were open and obviously becoming infected by sitting in that pool of crap. It caused the flesh to rot all the way to the bone.  So badly that her bone was visible, and she was fused to the couch.  They didn’t even move her. The whole backside of her body was black and deformed from sitting in that couch for so long. 

She also had Covid!  This poor woman had Covid on top of everything else!  Still, it wasn’t even the Covid that killed her but remember she never complained.  Did they not see symptoms of Covid?  Or even at least think she had the flu.  Still, no medical help was sought because she “never needed it”.

Imagine sitting in that position for so long but with the paradox of Watching Disney movies…

What were her dreams? To be a Disney princess like she had watched all those years.  That a prince would come and save her?  If she was of sound mind, then this is not just neglect… it’s torture.  This is why they have now been charged with second-degree murder – meaning they had the intention to cause her death. 

A real kicker is that according to quite a few sources in the neighbourhood a neighbour was curious and looked in the window while they were away.  She told them they needed to call the police, or she would.  So, were they even going to call for help when she died?  It seems as though their hand was forced when that 911 call was made.  Death was estimated to be 24 / 48 hours before the call was made. 

So, they had a dead, rotting daughter sitting in the middle of their lounge and just left her there, dead, until a neighbour got suspicious and peeked in. 

I would love to know what their plan was. Really if they just buried her in their well-manicured yard, no one would be wise to it.  They hadn’t seen her for years and just assumed she already was dead or had moved away.  It would end up being on a crime channel when they die, and the body is found in the yard by new buyers.

I get one sick person, but two.  Both of your parents.  I’ve been watching and reading a few things about how this becomes possible.  This was done in collusion.  They colluded.  They hid this together, there was no one controlling person.  They were in this together.

They both got $350k bail and these monsters have made bail.

What has angered many people is that this happened in JANUARY!  They were arrested 5 months later! The trial will take place in October. The District Attorney has said that they wanted to make sure that their case was solid.  I understand that. You only have one shot to prosecute the person.  So, the police would hold off in many cases to make sure they get a conviction.

However, in Lacey’s case, it wasn’t a who did it.  Even the first responders knew that something was horribly wrong when they entered the house because they called the coroner immediately.  Lacey’s whole body spoke to the abuse and neglect.  SHE was the smoking gun.  I guess we will have to take the DA’s word that they needed to be able to get both of them.  I hope they slowly rot in jail.

Lacey was confined to a prison of their making.  The wheel turns and now they need to be put in prison.  To feel just a little bit of what Lacey felt.  At least their basic human rights will be met unlike their daughter’s.  These sick people were immune to the smell in the house.  Prison will smell like a rose garden probably.  How could they just live there like that?  In that smell. Watching their daughter waste away.  Her mother had a recliner next to the couch where she sat for goodness’ sake!

What a nice Mommy …. Sitting next to her daughter watching Disney movies while Daddy smiles at them in the distance.   Would almost sound normal but the reality is so much more horrific.

They have not spoken to the media, but their Attorney had the following to say on their behalf.

“The Fletcher’s do not want to relive their pain of losing a child (Ummm they watched her die?) through the media.  They’ve been through enough heartache (excuuuuuse me?) over the years.  Anyone who has lost (that’s different from murdering your child) a child knows what it is like”.

I can only conclude that these people are very, very mentally ill.  They need to be evaluated.  The delusion is beyond me.   To make a statement like that, as though their precious child that they so dearly loved and cared for was taken from them by an illness, etc.  To compare themselves to parents who have actually lost a child is a slap in the face… THEY are the reason their daughter is dead and my empathy for them is the same – dead. Non-existent.

I’ve added the pictures below, so you have a choice if you want to see them or not.  A picture of Lacey as she was when she was well, a picture of the perfect house, and a picture of the couch after it was cleaned up.  So please, if this is triggering for you, please don’t scroll down to the pictures.

The jury was not so lucky.  They actually had medical staff on standby for the jury members.  They had to see the pictures of the actual crime scene.  That is what that couch and their house was.  A crime scene.  There were pictures of Lacey in the state that she was found with the matted hair, maggots and feces smeared all over her.  Pictures of the sores and rotting flesh. Pictures of the pool of feces and urine in the couch.  No thank you.  I would not want to be a jury member but as you can see they had to have medical personnel on the scene because the pictures were just so horrific they were afraid of jurors having physical reactions to the horror scene.

That’s really scary.

I can and can’t wait for the trial in October.  I want them to be prosecuted.  I want them to stand trial but looking at them and listening to their undoubted lies about Lacey juxtaposed against the Prosecution team bringing the ghastly facts to light.   I’m sure so much more is going to come out in the trial, and it will make it even more sinister, disgusting, and sad.  Sad for poor Lacey.

Why not send her to her a home that was equipped to deal with this.  I have a Godson with Autism and his mom is absolutely amazing with him.  She has put so much work into his progress that, that is exactly what he is doing! Progressing!  My late friend too had a child with special needs. She was also an amazing mother, and her daughter is a teen.  She also put so much work into helping her daughter.  Yes, I’ve heard that with some there comes a time when they get older and it’s too much for the parents and that they could then be put in a care home.

Why was she not put in a care home? Where did her relatives think she was? How was there absolutely no one that ever came to the house? Like in 15 years or something? If you see something, say something!  An automatic response is “I don’t want to get involved” but sometimes someone’s life can depend on it.  I have so many questions you can bet your ass I’m going to be following this story very closely.

I will absolutely be giving updates on this case.  If you, like me are interested in this story… Drop a comment about what your questions are? I’m sure you, like me have, many, many questions about this case, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear everyone’s take on this bizarre case.

Don’t worry, I will be keeping you up to date as soon as new info comes out!

Podcast! I will be releasing a deep dive into this story on a podcast I will be releasing this week. In the podcast we take a deeper dive into this story. If you’re a bizarre crime fan as I am, you’ll love all the extra detail and talking points. I will add it to Spotify and YouTube.

Follow or subscribe to this blog or my social media to get a notification when it comes out! Lacey’s story needs to be told. These people need to be held accountable. This should be on the front page of the news. I have no idea why there is no mass coverage!

There are so many insane news stories that don’t make the main news.  Their stories must also be told and I’m here for that.  The pictures are below.

The couch that Lacey sat in for 12 years
The House of Horrors
The Monsters
Merry Christmas!

Sending light and love


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  1. May they rot in the deepest, darkest & most torturous part of hell. Poor Lacey, this is so shocking I do not even have words. Imagine the pain that poor Lacey went through dying over years & years 😦

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