Please talk to me

I have found through comments and messages how many people need someone who understands their pain. Some are newly diagnosed people. I happily chat to them all. Not only does it help them but it helps me too and it feels good to help in a small way.

Some people don’t want to leave comments and want to have private conversations. I am happy to oblige! Not everyone is ready to talk about their struggles publicly.

So many people suffer in silence. Being chronically ill or having depression and anxiety can become an isolating thing. I turned into a hermit at one stage. Not wanting to go out. This takes you into a very dark place. I want you to avoid this by speaking to me.

People with loved ones with Lupus or fibromyalgia have also contacted me. Trying to understand the disease, how to best care for their loved ones. Concerns around the person not wanting to take their meds. Caregivers also need to be given a listening ear. Processing and dealing with diseases does not just affect the patient but also the family.

In short (started rambling a bit there😁) I want you to contact me. I am here and I will help you to the best of my abilities. We need to be mentally ok because if not, like in my case, my body goes into a flare. We also need to be mentally ok as caregivers. So if you need to talk or vent I am here.

I want this to become a community. I have lots of exciting things coming in 2020! Lots of awareness campaigns and helping where we can. Helping each other in any way we can. You might even see a YouTube channel or a podcast! Big things planned! We are going to make alot of noise for Lupus Awareness… spread it far and wide. All of you, in my heart are also warriors in this fight. So please spread this blog far and wide! I want to start getting companies to sponsor some of the projects in the new year.

Talk to me… Having Lupus, fibromyalgia, ptsd, anxiety and depression are things I battle with as well. Slowly on my journey to healing and perhaps my experiences can help others.

You can e-mail me: or

Message me on 0829608126

I’m here. I’m waiting for whoever needs me. Get your loved ones to contact me as well. I’ve been through the struggle, I’m still struggling but we don’t have to do go through it alone. I’m here for you.

One Love!

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