Don’t take our Lifesaving Meds! Lupus treatment being used for Covid 19 is already resulting in a shortage!

As those who know me will know… I always complain that the one thing that works for Lupus is Plasmequine (a.k.a Chloroquine). This is the only solid thing, tried and tested that has helped Lupus patients in 40 years! You might not know this but it is actually an anti-malarial drug. Yes, that’s what Lupus patients have been using to treat Lupus. While there are new meds around their efficacy is yet to be confirmed. These meds have not been around for as long as Plasmequine so not alot of data has been collected. Well not enough to say “Yay! We have a cure!”

When I was rushed to hospital after a face biopsy because I had a butterfly rash on my face ( a big red rash over your nose and cheeks) they immediately started me on Plasmequine until they were able to confirm through the biopsy exactly what kind of auto immune disease I had. For 3 weeks I had been treated by the GP with cortisone and all kinds of creams including cortisone creams but the rash remained. That’s what led me to the dermatologist who saved my life. As soon as I started the plasmequine the rash started to go away!

Plasmequine is standard medication for lupus, but now, through testing it’s been found to help with Covid 19. I’m not exactly sure what the extent of the efficacy is because I have read varying reports. Houston… we have a problem! People have started getting scripts for this apparently. I’ve heard about doctors stockpiling it for their families. There is now a shortage in some places and I have no doubt this will get worse as more people cotton on to the fact that it helps. I’ve read on Lupus groups how people could not have their whole script filled because there is a shortage.

Ugh! This makes me so angry! I’m going through a Lupus flare right now. They’ve increased my immunosuppressents so I’ve actually been on lockdown since last week. I’m very vulnerable and high risk. While Covid 19 is out here we still have Lupus and are still being treated and need treatment! Right now my rheumatologist is playing around with my meds to try and get this God awful Lupus flare to subside. This continues despite Covid. What am I going to do? I can’t just focus on Covid and forget that I have a disease that can kill you. Co-morbidity comes into play. So I need to keep this in check.

So not alot of people know that this is standard meds for lupus patients. This is why I’m writing this post. Yes, I can get angry but people are just ignorant to the fact that this is what is used to treat Lupus. This is why my blog is important to me. Spreading awareness about Lupus. This is a great teaching moment.

So please… before you decide to stockpile these meds think of people who take this as chronic medication. You are literally putting their lives in danger if they do not have access to this medication. We will then see a rise of hospitalisations and even death in Lupus patients if they are unable to access their medication. But you won’t know will you? No death certificate says “Lupus” as the cause of death! It will say be listed as a heart attack, kidney failure etc. Yup, that’s because if you have Lupus SLE you immune system attacks your organs. I’ve known people with Lupus where death has come swiftly. Out of nowhere.

Now you know. So please spare a thought for those who have Lupus. Don’t stockpile these meds please. Let’s not cause other problems for people with potentially fatal diseases. In this time I’ve come to realise how selfish we are. This is a time to practice selflessness. We are getting a chance to go back to caring and not being selfish. A time to change our mentality. If we actually focus on doing that and being that person instead of me, me, me there might be some silver linings to this epidemic.

A true test of our humanity. Let’s rise up and be selfless. This is one way you can practice it… and if you need some I am willing to share mine! Luckily I have a lot so I am willing to share. Having said that I am not a doctor so only if your doctor has given you a script for it and you’re really stuck… contact me.

Be safe everyone! Please share this post it is really important to spread the word on this! You can save lives by sharing this. For more info you can check out this post and use Google for more info.


4 thoughts on “Don’t take our Lifesaving Meds! Lupus treatment being used for Covid 19 is already resulting in a shortage!

  1. I couldn’t believe when I heard this because many autoimmune patients take this, so the government takes it from you and others to give to other patients who has Covid-19 and they don’t know if it works, it doesn’t make sense.


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