I bet you didn’t know this! Some weird facts about anxiety…

Anxiety is a very real issue for me and alot of people I know. I thought I’d switch it up a bit from my normal type posts about anxiety. So here’s some info you probably didn’t know but I know it gave me a few “aha!”moments.

This is why I always ask hubby check if perishables are okay to eat. I’m super sensitive and can easily make myself think it’s gone off. Especially meat/chicken.
I should be a bloody genius!!
Let’s be mindful of the little people we are raising!
I found this question. Interesting to know people think an anxiety attack can kill them. However if you have experienced a really bad one you can feel like you’re going to die from a heart attack/stroke. Good news? No, you can’t.

And lastly… I found this article.

10 Weird Anxiety Facts – Unusual Things You Never Knew! http://www.laurenwithoutfear.com/10-weird-anxiety-facts