2020 The year of perfect vision? #mefirstmonday

My dad and us kids were chatting and he said something that resonated with me. Something that I hadn’t thought of. 2020 (20/20) is considered to be perfect vision and he prayed that we had the wisdom in this year to tap into that 20/20 vision.

As a blogger I always fact check and read up on a subject I am posting. I learned that 20/20 was not actually perfect vision. It was considered to be vision acuity which means accurate vision. 20/20 was based on what was called the “The Snellen Chart”. What I found really interesting is that there have been people with 20/10 vision which is better than 20/20 vision and very rarely there have actually been people with 20/5 vision which is as near to perfect vision as you could get!

We have blinkers and blinders on about alot of things around us. Things, people and behaviours we choose to ignore. I found out the hard way last year that my vision was definitely not 20/20. I overlooked and explained away alot of behaviours because I held onto giving people chances (waaay to many chances). So this year I’m going to work on my 20/20 vision. Ideally I’d love to have 20/5 vision this year when it comes to situations and people.

I always say that I don’t have many talents but I am able to read people and situations. I’ll tell hubby what I’m thinking about behaviours and situations and he has learned that I’m 98% right about these things! I’m an empath and I can feel energies. I can say “Something is not right with this person” but I will always give them a chance. Inevitably my initial gut instinct turns out to be right.

In the interest of trying to build relationships (with the wrong people) I put blinkers on. Like those patches they use for race horses. 2019 showed me that it was a dumbass move on my part. Had I gone with what I knew, gone with my gut I would not have experienced the torment, disappointment, strife and angst that I did. It was all of my own doing. I went to play with hyenas and got torn up. What else did I expect? I made the stupid idea of playing with hyenas, thinking that if I showed them love things would be different. It wasn’t. A hyena is a hyena and they will act like hyenas do. So I only have myself to blame for that.

So what now? Well first things first. I’m trusting my 20/20 vision. We cannot keep the toxic things in our lives. New Year’s Eve we had a family get together and my brother did a little talk for us based on a story in the Bible. Now you don’t have to be Christian or even believe in God for this to be applicable to you. The story was about when these fishermen were just not catching fish. Jesus came and said “cast your net on the other side”. They must’ve been like yeah right dude it’s not that easy but they did it anyway. When they did they caught an abundance of fish.

Regardless of whether you think it’s a fairy tale etc there is a lesson to be learned here. We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results! One of my favourite sayings is “you’re not a tree. You can move”. So this year I am breaking with old habits. I am going to rely on my vision. I am going to give my 20/20 vision the respect it deserves and this in turn will help me break old habits. Just like those fishermen, I’ve tried with certain things, people and situations and it hasn’t worked. It’s time to cast my net to the other side. I’m not a tree. I am not stuck in some of these situations.

I’m putting myself first. Damn did I get some lemons last year but I’m going to make the best damn lemonade ever! I am going to strive to increase my vision acuity and study situations more carefully. I will take time out to think more before I act. I will not let 2019 change the fact that I love fiercely, I’m always here if you need me and I will do anything within my abilities to help people. The difference is that it will be people who deserve it.

2020 has already lit a fire under my butt. Envisioning all the things I want to do. I’ve claimed 2020 as my year of activism and I have already gotten started on this journey. Creating a new vision for myself now that I have been put on long term disability.

What visions do you have for 2020? What would you like to do? Take some time to think about what you want to change. Perhaps create a vision board or scribble some ideas down. Most importantly use your 20/20 vision to help you see things more clearly. Stop avoiding red flags and warning signs. This is your life. Take it by the horns. Make your visions come to life. See things for what they really are. Stop making excuses for people with bad behaviour. Use the 20/20 foresight to cut out toxicity in your life. Be it people, situations or relationships. We need to stop giving people free passes.

Always remember people treat us the way we allow them to treat us. Not anymore! I hate conflict but I need to stand up for myself more even if it means conflict. Sometimes how we recover or not from conflict with someone speaks volumes about the relationship. I’ve realised this is how I can weed out the “undesirables”. I’ve already done an exercise in this and it confirmed that I had made the right decision by pulling away.

I find that writing things down instead of just saying it my head makes me more accountable to stick to the resolutions I’ve made. Both Lupus and Fibromyalgia give you brain fog. I hate it! It makes you so forgetful. So anything that’s coming up I now immediately put into my calender. I also now start each day by planning for the day by setting alarms for myself.

I urge you to think about your visions. Make the most of this year. At the end of 2019 I planned a few things for the new year. Some big, some small but these were my visions for 2020 and I’m working on getting it done. Watch this space for some exciting stuff I have planned! My vision is 20/20 for 2020. I know what I envisioned and now it’s time to make it happen. The universe spoke loud and clear by sending me amazing people to collaborate with. If that’s not a sign that my vision needs to happen then I don’t know!

Write down your visions. Even if you think they’re crazy. That’s what I thought about mine until everything just fell into place! Even if you make just one thing happen, that’s awesome. If all you got to was writing it down… it’s a start!

Let’s go into 2020 with our eyes open. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Don’t let people sway your confidence. If something doesn’t look or feel right to you, spend some time thinking about the situation and don’t just let it slide. Then with #mefirst in mind take the appropriate action! My Mom is a big stickler for blood relations. I however believe that blood is thicker than water but so is toothpaste! I can’t let things slide just because you’re family. If I followed that ideology I’d have to be okay if an uncle was a child molester. No more free rides! No more free passes for a space in my life. Through my family I know what love looks like. If I’m not getting love like that from you… let me buy you a bus ticket out of my life (airplane tickets can be pricey and they probably don’t deserve it!)

2020 vision is great but we can strive for even better vision. A great way to do that is by being open minded. Learning new things..

You know how kids are always asking questions? Those dreaded “whyyy?” (Repeat x1000). My 2 year old niece asked me what slow motion meant and I was blown away. When did we lose this? Since when do we know everything there is to know about the universe? Why are we no longer inquisitive? How do we have 20/20 vision if we don’t humble ourselves and say we don’t know. Our vision has blind spots. Personally if I hear about a new concept, ideology etc I immediately google it and watch YouTube videos on the topic.

So let’s increase our vision by being curious and inquisitive. I’m currently learning all I can about the new way of looking at genders. I’m learning about being non-binary, sexually fluid, asexual, pan sexual etc. People think that I’m weird and wasting my time. Nope. This is the future and having nieces, nephews and Godkids growing up in this world I need to understand it. I cannot leave it to be a blind spot. Funny that I was speaking to a teen who was part of this movement and we could have a good convo about it. I was able to bring stories to the table that I needed to understand more. We were able to debate certain things. Something I wouldn’t be able to do if I hadn’t beem keeping up with what was happening in this movement. In this instance knowledge was definitely power.

Empower yourself. Improve your vision acuity. You don’t have to stop at 20/20. Learn new things. Learn from old things and break those old habits. Let’s make 2020 a year of enlightenment. I will post some posts about off the wall things happening in the world. I’ll curate some great thinking/ talking points to create that acuity we need. There is so much going on this world. Things you might find shocking but at the end of the day it’s real issues in the world.

May you gain clarity and work on your 20/20 vision. It doesn’t stop there. You can shoot for 20/5, the closest thing to perfect vision. It’s all up to you. I hope your visions manifest and continue to grow. Learn to put yourself first (#mefirst) and not let people derail you from trying to be the best you. See things and people for what they are. We all have it in us but we need to change that. We need to cast our net to the other side! Change things up! Most importantly work on your vision. Be it things you want to do or seeing people or situations for what they really are! Eyes wide open. As per usual I am available if you want to chat about this and how you go about it.

I have to brag! My littlest brother who turned 15 in December had decided he wanted to join the navy. I thought okay teens go through these phases. Talk about 2020 vision! He has surpassed that! He had a vision and he actually followed through! He went for his interview with the Navy and was accepted! I am so incredibly proud of him. His training is every Saturday starting at 7.30 am. This takes alot of commitment. So instead of just messing around he made his vision a reality. A reality that requires you to work hard and be committed to rise up in the ranks!

He has been one of my biggest fans. For teenagers, including him everything is boring. To my complete shock he actually loves my blog! It’s a massive compliment when a teen says they like your blog! They’re a bloody tough crowd. He constantly motivates me and he where I come up with problems around my visions he gives me solutions. He is so vested in me growing my movement he is always giving me the push I need. Love this boy. So proud of him. If he can do this then so can we! He said he wanted to join the navy and when he hit the eligible age, he went for it and got in!

For those of you who have reached out to me because a post resonated with you, I am truly honoured and humbled. It makes me happy to be able to help others even if it’s just to listen. I appreciate you! #mefirst