Some quick facts and stats about Lupus

The aim of this blog was always to create awareness about Lupus. Here are some quick infographics about Lupus

I’ve experienced this first hand.
#truestory I am currently on disability.
I will be doing a blog about the financial strain of Lupus in the next few weeks. Spoiler alert. It’s a horror movie.
Lupus is fatal. There is no way of getting around that. Yes, medical advances have helped lengthen our life span but there is no cure. This means that if you’re not being treated/on meds Lupus will most likely be fatal. I’m speaking about personal experience here. Someone who opted to go herbal. Eventually died of kidney failure after a long drawn out fight.
It is common for us Lupies to feel like a burden. This infographic gives you a glimpse into why.
No we won’t. We need a cure. Share this post to raise awareness so that more research can be done to save lives!
To those of you out there fighting this disease everyday like I am… You are a warrior! That doesn’t mean you have to be happy clappy all the time. You have the right to have FML days!
Yes, even things like interrupted sleep can cause a flare! Being in the Sun can cause a flare! I’ve been going through a flare since December from inadvertent exposure (it’s Summer down here in South Africa). Luckily got an emergency appointment with my rheumatologist on Thursday. Here’s hoping I don’t get put in hospital for IV treatment!
So important. This speaks to exactly what I am trying to achieve. As much Lupus awareness as possible! The more we know about Lupus like through research the greater the chance of curing Lupus #knowlupus = #nolupus